Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #104

  {Behold!  THE jumper of all jumpers and a rare 'sort of quite alright' hair day!}
Hello and how do you doodle-DO?  Oh me?  How am i doing?!  Well I'm having one of those weeks that can only be described as 'lacking in va-va-voom.'  There is no particular rhyme or reason.  My week so far has not been particularly exhausting and actually sits somewhere in the middle of busy and quiet.  I've slept well, achieved everything {so far!} that I've set out to do, but still i feel a little....somewhat lack luster...?  Like I'm just not quite firing on all cylinders.  I've decided {for sake of argument} to blame the lack of sunshine and constant torrent of rain or gales so very strong that honest to GOODNESS i nearly took off over the river on my walk to work on Monday.  Yes, that's what we'll blame it on.  I have an incredible urge to lie down on the ground in a star-shape and just let the sun shine on me. You know, if there was any to be having.  I feel like it should be something you should be able to get on prescription....

I'm making up for it in oranges.  And clementines, and satsumas and tangerines and quite frankly anything citrus-ey i can cram into my day.  I'm filling our tummy's with as much green as possible too.  I feel like i need it somehow.  Tell me it's not just me?!?  

As much as I'd love to sit here with you all and discuss the woes of a never-ending winter {any helpful tips to rid me of this feeling and top up that 'sparkle however would be greatly received!}, we have #wonderfulwednesday business to tend to!  And despite the lull in energy, there has been many golden nuggets of good in amongst it all....

1.  My new favourite jumper ever.  I know i know how many jumpers do i already have?!?  But given the arctic temperatures {and the fact that our icy temperatures often last for well over what is classed as an official winter month!} it felt necessary to pick up a new jumper.  It's a delightful cream chunky {tick!}, over-sized {tick!} jumper be-decked in so many ruffles {tick, tick, TICK!} that if i wore a red hat I'd resemble a little squirt of cream with a cherry on top.  I've been living in it {read:  it's mostly been worn over dresses with tights, over the top of pyjamas for blustery morning porridge eating} and anywhere in between.  It's my favourite jumper ever in all of the land.  

2.  Pesto on pizza.  Dolloped as after-thought {ho ho ho how we foolishly underestimated it's greatness!} on our pizza the other night.  The.  Best.  Idea. Ever.  Just do it now and thank me later!

3.  Contemplating a new haircut.  I just need a trim and will obviously {as per}, sit down in the chair and get said trim BUT on making a hair appointment there is a certain excitement that comes from scrolling through your Hair board on Pinterest {mine's HERE} and seeing what you *could* get done......

4.  The arrival of my golden Cambridge Satchel Cloud bag from last weeks' post.  It came on Monday. Is it weird that it's still in its' box and all wrapped up because i want to save it for my day off on Thursday?!?  I really want to relish in opening it up and seeing it!  Am i odd?!?!?

5.  Cashew nut butter.  For those mornings when time doesn't allow for porridge {read:  when you've *some how* turned off your alarm in your sleep and have mere moments to get ready} its a no-brainer and can be finished off whilst careering out the door at top speed.  Toasted rye bread spread generously with cashew nut butter and sprinkled hastily with raw cacao chips.  Mmmmm!  Trust me there is no better pairing than cashews and chocolate.

6.  Kindness.  I had a package to pick up at the sorting office that the sender had not paid enough postage for.  I thought i could pay on my card and couldn't {que sera!} but i was so bowled over when the lady behind me in the queue offered to pay for it for me!!! It was only £2 but she didn't even know me!  How lovely is that?!?!  I really wish i had some way of tracking her down to say thank you some how.

7.  Finding a bra AND pair of matching under-crackers in the M&S sale for £3.99 for the two!!!!  Even more fortuitous since i had ruined two in a fight with the washing machine last weekend.  Karma does exist!!!!

8.  The smell of flowers.  Of course just the sight of a sweet jug, jam jar or vase of any kind of flower is welcome at the moment!  But I've been loving the smell of the sweet jug we have on our kitchen counter:  a sweet collection of daffodils, purple hyacinth and pale pink tulips.  They smell ever so softly floral as you walk past and!  I'm sure it's very possible for something to smell green.....I've been pressing my nose as close as can be whilst waiting for kettle to boil each morning!

9.  Green shoots.  They're teeny tiny up here but they're there!!!! I've been looking our for the very first sights of daffodils, snowdrops and general teeny tiny shoots of green wherever i can get them lately!  I can't wait until the trees are blanketed with leaves and the grass is tall, deep and lush!  Isn't it funny how little you feel like you appreciate these things until they are not there?!?  

10.  #wonderfulwednesday power!!!  Over the past few weeks I've had several lovely ladies join in on these weekly posts of mine and i can't tell you how great and good and arrrgh just super duper this feels!!!  Not only because of course its lovely to inspire others to think of their little precious and wonderful moments in their own weeks BUT also because it's inspiring for me to read them myself!  I get so much from writing these posts and by actually taking time out of my Tuesday night to sit and think about the little things that have been keeping my smiling, and it's ever so lovely to have somebody else's to read!!!  If you stop by here often, do drop by Kate, Michelle, Nadine and Helen's blogs to read over their best bits from their weeks so far on their #wonderfulwednesday.  
*  *  *
How about YOU?  If you fancy joining along with your own #wonderfulwednesday then let me know so we can shout about it too!  Or even of you'd like to share what's been keeping you afloat so far this week.  You can drop a sweet comment below, tag me in a photo on Instagram or tweet me also.  I'm @sallytangle on both Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget to use the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag so we can all have a peak too!
Have a super-DUPER rest of week!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #103

 {Taken on a slightly more wintery feelin' day last week - what was i saying about Spring?!}
Hands UP who feels like they've got this week?!  Me, me ME!!!!! {NB this is a rare, rare feeling therefore must be celebrated even if it comes across as ever so slightly smug}.  I'm not sure what it is. I haven't achieved lots, certainly not in a work sense any way!  In that department i feel as if our sale is lingering about for far longer than it's been welcome for {doesn't it feel like Christmas was about a century ago?!  Tell me that's not just me?} and i'm itching ever so much for our walls to be full to the top with lighter, airier pieces:  cottons, silks and linens.  And for Spring colours!!! Dusky blues and whites, lemons and Spring greens.  Call me predictable but I've been craving COLOUR in any kind of way i can get it lately.  All that aside, failures or 'not quite feeling like i'm making much progress' i'm still feelin' like a positive Pollyanna!  Maybe we should talk all things WONDERFUL and see if it inspires you to look at your week a little differently...Are you ready?!
1.   Feelin' green!  I can't get enough of all things green lately.  Like my colour craving this week, it shouldn't really come as any kind of surprise that it's following through into what i eat just as much as what i look at should it?  I often wonder if I'm the only person in all of the land who craves fruit and vegetables come this time of year?  I'm also holding the darker days filled with nothing but rain lately, seriously accountable.  I've been loving frying leafy greens in coconut oil and having them with pretty much every meal:  Crispy kale with a sprinkle of flaky seasalt piled high upon a leafy stirfry {my favourite meal this week by FAR},  wilted garlicky spinach alongside the most yellow scrambled eggs and mashed avocado or even simply a mixed leaf salad piled high on top of a ricotta cheese laden pizza.  I just can't get enough!  

2.  Progress.  What was i saying about not making any progress at work?!  Well maybe the reason I'm not taking it too badly or beating myself up about only doing what i can do is because I'm slowly making progress in other areas of 'lately.'  I'm getting stronger and stronger in my little ballet exercises and little spurts of body balance. I'm finding it so easy to squeeze in amongst my busy life and I'm also seeing results.  All this helps drive me to achieve more which can never be a bad thing can it?!  I'm also getting there with my little crafty project which i mentioned in last weeks' post and I'm SO proud!  The true test will be if i manage to finish it!  I'm hoping the sheer amount of money i spent on wool alone will keep me going...

3.  The most Spring-like duvet cover you ever did see!  Okay so it's barely Spring outside, but in our little attic flat it's a very different story!  Apart from filling our living-room with various receptacles filled with daffodils {can't wait to see these happy-making blooms dancing in the breeze outside!} i dug out a duvet cover I'd sort of forgotten i ever had!  It's a crisp white cotton number with giant navy blue ombre polka-dots all over.  Waking up wrapped up underneath it and glancing across to a little jam-jar filled with daffodils makes me feel SO happy!

4.  DIY fringe trims.  The BEST!  I love trimming my fringe so much.  I can't explain it....maybe if you've got your very own fringe and also trim it yourself you'll understand..?  It really is rather satisfying!  I was reading a book i got for Christmas last night, and in it the girl describes how to cut your own hair and how once you do it you'll never look back.  I'm SO tempted - especially given how much i love playing about with cutting my fringe and how easy i find it.  I'm also rather scared....imagine i really bugger it up?! Worse still imagine having to visit your hairdresser to explain....

5.  New musical finds.  Okay so maybe that should read 'new musical finds to me.'  I've been loving Jack Garrett and Sia this week and I'm eagerly anticipating both Jack's first album and Sia's most recent, both out very soon.  For now i'll have to settle with having the few songs available from both on loop all day every day....

6.  Jolly good skin.  Just like good hair days i really do feel like we should celebrate a great skin day just the same.  Are you with me?!  Who knows why {okay so maybe it's the leafy greens...?!} but lately me and my skin have got on, i mean really got on.  This hardly ever happens.  I haven't changed anything - minus the leafy green consumption {it's worth noting that I'm now starting to think that i wont ever be able to stop eating Kale three or four times a week just incase it has magically given me great skin?!?} but maybe it's also since I'm feeling generally quite happy in my own skin. Isn't always the way that once you stop thinking about something, it naturally gets better/looks better/ feels better as if by magic?!  All hail great skin days!  

7.  Great customer service.  Rare, if not non-existent in a retail environment now {except OBVIOUSLY unless you are shopping in Monsoon Accessorize, Carlisle - aherm} but this week has seen my faith restored times a million and it was by the lovely faces at Cambridge Satchel Company. {Also it's worth mentioning here that they've got an amazing sale on at the mo, with an extra 30% until 31st of January!!!!!!} I've got two of their beautiful bags: A mint green and a limited edition Rose Gold and I've been coveting their beautiful gold 'Cloud' bag for so long.  January was a   l-o-n-g   month and by the time it was payday they'd all sold out!!!  The lovely faces at Cambridge Satchel swooped to the rescue and have tracked down one for me and have reserved it especially!  When do you ever hear these kinds of things happening nowadays?! People going above and beyond what is actually their job?!  I know I'd do the very same thing but usually,  well you just don't hear of it.  I mean, call me a moaning Minnie but i can't even remember the last time somebody said hello to me in a shop.    I digress and moreover i can't thank everyone involved enough!  I CANT WAIT TO GET IT!!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!

8.  Chai tea.  I know *the world recoils in horror at the sound of another kind of tea that is not, i repeat not Lady Grey* who am i?!  Don't fret pretty ones, I'm still as much little miss LG as ever, i have just really been enjoying a mug mug of milky Chai before bed.  It's the yummiest pre-bedtime tipple....

9.  Half and half's.  Remember i told you a little while ago that the trick to the very best porridge of your whole life is to soak your oats for five minutes in boiling hot water...?  Whilst i still stand by this statement, this week I've been soaking only half of mine and leaving the rest in a little teacup ready to add once i mix in my mashed banana and almond milk.  I know *just* what you're maverick you!  You oat-shaped genius of breakfast time!  Or you might also be thinking that i need to get out more {no jokes!} but let me tell you that what this creates is the BEST kind of porridge texture:  smooth, creamy delicious-ness with pockets of nutty texture!!!  Mmmmmmm!

10.  The new Deliciously Ella Everyday book.  I feel like this needs very little words.  Her first recipe book is the very first of it's kind that I've read cover to cover, start to finish and her second book does not disappoint.  I love her different approach to food, how easy it is to incorporate into what you might have been used to but mostly how very passionate she is about everything she creates.  Also, errrr Amond Butter Quinoa?!?!?  My mind has been blown! I *may* be making this for lunch later on in the week...
*  *  *
Right, let's not hang about!  It's over to you lovely lot - tell me about your week, tell me about what's been keeping you going/sane/happy..?  Moreover, pay a friendly little visit to my now TWO partners in #wonderfulwednesday crime Kate and Michelle and see what they have been heralding and championing in their weeks so far.  And if you fancy writing your own similar type post, shout out!  Wave your little hands and make yourself known because you can never have too many of those kinds of posts to read, especially in the middle of a long, grey January!  
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*PS i usually write this sweet post last thing on a Tuesday evening and hope you'll forgive me for it being a lot later on than its usual 7am Wednesday morning time slot.  I have been having camera, font, internet and general blog issues and if I'm really honest with you, at 10pm last night when nothing in the world wanted to work for me, i actually wanted to throw myself out of the window!!!  Just saying! 

Happy mid-week!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #102

{Falling a little bit in love with those icy skies & a dusting of snow}
Happy HALFWAY through the week dear and sweet faces! You’ve made it!  You’ve done it!  Give yourself one almighty pat on the back!!! Please accept my apologies that this weeks' Wonderful Wednesday didn't reach you at it's normal time of 7:30am.  I've been having both browser, internet and photo-taking issues this week.  Great and whopping thanks go out to the Mr for saving the day at almost midnight last night!  Better late than never though hey?

This week hasn’t been so bad though has it?!?  I mean its minus goodness-knows WHAT outside but I’m rather enjoying cosying up in so many layers I can hardly bend my arms and not having to excuse drinking gallons of Lady Grey tea each and every day.  Not that I need an excuse!

How are you?  Hows your week been?  Mine has been a DELIGHT.  After being off from work since last Friday I’m finally starting to feel re-charged.  Turns out I had quite a back-log of tiredness built up behind me.  You sometimes don’t realise quite how flipping tired you are until…well until you just stop! 

Apart from feeling generally well-rested and cosy, what else has been jolly-dee so far on this wintery week…?

  1. Kitting myself out.  It’s been….well at least a year since I’ve been regularly practising a little at-home Pilates and ballet.  If I’m honest it took a good eight months or so before I really started to notice an improvement in my core strength and to start to see more shape and tone in my upper arms and in my middle section.  Maybe one day i'll be brave enough to take a proper class.  This week I finally bought myself some proper sporty leggings…tights…what are they?!?  Well whatever they are they make me feel SO much more comfy!  In fact I could quite happily live in them!  I also bought two sports bras – another thing I have never ever owned.  I cannot BELIEVE how much difference this makes?!?!  No more re-adjusting myself after each stretch or in between repetitions!  Or stretching and such in my squillion year old gold Topshop leggings and baggy white tee!  Huzzah!

  1. New skills.  I’m not a crafty person.  Creative yes, crafty…not so much.  I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s a patience thing.  When I know I could make something – sew, knit etc – I like the idea of it.  But I want it finished already and always feel like I don’t have the time to see it through.  Which actually probably isn’t true since I do spend a large part of my spare time fannying around and faffing with things that I don’t really need to do.  Anyway, since I had some days off, one of my ‘goals’ was to learn a crafty new skill that I’ve had my eye on for a wee while.  It involves wool and a needle.  And it’s not knitting!  Can you guess what it is yet?!?!

  1. Chocolate brownie.  Did I tell you that chocolate and I had sort of fallen out?  Well we have.  I have been worried – for my health even!  It’s very unlike me to just not fancy chocolate.  I mean, I haven’t eaten a Walnut Whip for over three months.  Now hopefully you can sense the sheer magnitude of the situation!  I really fancied a chocolate brownie on Monday.  A stodgy, chocolate chunk filled brownie and a large coffee.  And oh, my GOODNESS.  It’s ok folks, it’s aaalll going to be okay.  Whilst maybe I’ve fallen out of love with your run of the mill chocolate, don’t go losing any sleep over the fact that it’s totally still my jam when I really need it.  In a weird way, not eating it as often has made me really appreciate it…?  Is that too deep for a discussion about chocolate.  Probably. 

  1. Reminiscing.  I can’t tell you how heartbroken I was at hearing about the loss of David Bowie last week.  My childhood was filled with Bowie tracks and my own musical collection has been peppered with them my whole and entire life.  What I have loved so so very much this week is listening, re-listening and listening again all over to Bowie on BBC 6Music (they did a whole weekend dedicated to the man himself, you can wrap your ears around it HERE.  Do, it was something quite spectacular), on Spotify and even just digging out some of his older albums on my Ipod for bike adventures.  You sort of forget quite how many amazing records he wrote.  All so different and all so brilliant in their very own right. 

  1. Wool-picking.  As I mentioned earlier I’ve been trying my hand at a new skill. For it I had to pick up a few rolls of wool.  Easy!  I thought.  Over an hour later I finally emerged from our little haberdashery!  It was THE most lovely thing to spend so long looking at all of the sweetly arranged wool, beautiful colours and different kinds that were available.  I cannot believe how hard it was to choose!!  I can’t wait to show you a little bit more of my new project.

  1. Sleeping.  It’s not rocket science is it really but it’s amazing how much better I feel having an extra hour and a half or so extra ‘zzz’s.’  I must, must MUST get my bottom to bed a little earlier.  I feel like it’s made a difference to so many different things this week:  My productivity levels, my skin, hair – EYES even!  Just everything.  It’s not good me taking care of every other part of me if I’m not getting enough sleep is it?!?!

  1. Snow & Frost!!!  Finally!  Hurrah for snow! And frost!  And for the weather feeling a little bit more like it should do in Winter!  You know, except for the days that it stops me riding that sweet bike of mine you know…  I’ve been loving watching the smoke from the chimneys across from us twist and turn up into an early morning sky and little sparrows slip and slide across the rooftops all whilst I clutch a hot cup of tea. 

  1. A cup of tea in bed.  It’s my absolute day off/week off luxury and one of my very favourite smallest pleasures.  I love to get up, draw back the curtains and flip on the kettle whilst I stand and watch the world wake up as it boils.  I splash my face whilst my tea brews for a few moments and then scamper back to bed to sip it buried deep under the duvet with a squillion pillows and cushions behind my head.  It’s the loveliest way to start each day!

  1. Meridian Peanut butter bars.  Do you like nut butter as much as me?!  I feel like this is a really silly question.  Who doesn’t?!  I mean really in the whole wide world who doesn’t like any kind of nut butter?!  Anyway, the kind folks at Meridian (my fave nut butter brand – no nasties just nuts and a pinch of sea-salt) now make an almond and a peanut nut butter bar and oh MY.  It’s just like actual real-life yummy nut butter in bar form.  There’s no need to take a jar and a spoon out with you now (there have been a fair few times I’ve wondered if this is now socially acceptable) you have these little gems.  DE-licious I promise you.  Having one of them alongside a tart green apple is my snack du jour. Well you know when I’m not stuffing chocolate brownie into my little cheeks…

  1.      Sorting out my jewellery.  I’m not a mega, mega jewellery wearer.  Maybe it’s      because I wear such a lot of accessories as part of my job but I really struggle with remembering to put on jewellery when I’m not at work.  Recently I was bought the sweetest little jewellery dish from Anthropologie.  This week I decided to go through my favourites and collect them altogether in said sweet dish on the dresser in our bedroom.  Now I can see them clearly I’ve been picking up one and popping it on each day.  It’s something I hope to keep up as I really have collected some lovely little pieces.  

*  *  *  
So how about you?  What's been making your week memorable, marvellous or otherwise?!  I really would love to know.  You can let me know in the comment box below or give me a little nudge on Instagram or Twitter.  I'm @sallytangle on both!  Also please do pop by the lovely Michelle's blog 'A Life Outside London' as she's now joining me aboard the #Wonderful Wednesday bus!  Anyone else fancy a go?!? The more the merrier i say!  Do let me know if you write a similar weekly post and i can add your link too.

Have a lovely rest of week lovely ones! 
{PS What's going on with the alignment?!  Please expect normal service/correct numbers/alignment next week}


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #101

{Throwing back to an early December Edinburgh adventure because well even on the greyest day its pretty!}
Good day and do you doodle do?!  I write to you feeling the most cream-crackered i've felt in a long time.  As you read this i shall be on day number seven out of seven days in a row at work!  But as of 6pm tomorrow evening i shall be off for seven whole and delicious days!  I adore my job - and being back at it - dropping myself right back in head first at the most busiest time of the year has made me realise quite how much.  At the same time it's also made me realise how exhausting it can be!  I'm ready for lazy afternoons on the sofa reading, for late mornings spent cycling around and about our sweet park on the look out for peepings of Spring and most of all, i'm SO excited for extra sleep and for a mug of tea sipped under the duvet each and every morning. 

But less of what's going to be great about the next week and more about what's already been pretty wonderful in my week so far….

1.  A whole solid day of uninterrupted sunshine, icy minus temperatures and a pretty cloud canopied sky on Tuesday.  It's a shame i was at work all day!  I went for a little lunchtime-shaped wander just to breath that icy fresh air into my little lungs and to check i wasn't dreaming!  These days are just the best.  All this grey and wet and….horridness have had me craving sunshine and blue skies like there's no tomorrow!

2.  Sprouts.  Yep i said it!  They get such a bad reputation and actually they're right up there as one of my all time favourite vegetables!  I'll be ever so sad when they're no longer in season!  I love to steam the sweetest tiniest ones i can find for about five minutes and dip them into hummus!  Trust me when i tell you it's just the best thing ever!  We've been having them alongside any kind of dish that requires a vegetable-y accompaniment!  Which is actually most of them!  I saw a lovely recipe that uses shredded sprouts, bacon and worcester sauce.  I might have to road test that one for lunch on my week off!

3.  David Bowie 'Ziggy Stardust.'  My all time favourite song.  I shan't write words and words about how saddened i am for the loss of one of the greatest musicians of our time.  What i will say is that i feel honoured to have lived at a time that meant i can say i listened, loved and adored his music, creativity and the way he paved the way for pretty much everybody that came after him.   If you think haven't ever heard any of his music {and first of all i just don't believe you!} then if you do one thing this week then please listen to some!  He was one of the greatest musicians to have ever lived and listening to 'Ziggy Stardust' as loud as my little ears could bear on yesterdays grey and dreary walk to work cheered me up no end!

4.  Feeling helpful.  It's one of my favourite things about my job - simply helping people!  Once the sales start and the whirlwind of Christmas, you just don't get the time to indulge in such luxuries!  It's all about keeping things full and getting stuff through the till!  Slowly but surely things are returning to normal and it's nice to offer help, advice and to inspire people and make their shopping trip much more of a pleasure than a chore!

5.  Chocolate. I never ever thought i'd hear myself say this, but over Christmas well we'd sort of fallen out of love.  Most chocolate i mean.  I still managed a couple of chocolate brownies here and there but as for regular chocolate?  Well up until last night i can't remember the last time i had it!!!  That's not like me.  Last night though - call it tiredness, or withdrawal or just whatever you will but i had a real craving for creamy milk chocolate.  I remembered somebody had bought me a bar of Milka Hazelnut swiss chocolate.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I only managed half the bar {nibbled alongside the biggest mug of milky Chai tea} and it was utter heaven!!!!  

6.  Using up the last of the candles.  I got so so many lovely candles for my birthday and for Christmas last year but most of them are Spring-like scents:  Linen, Rose, Rhubarb.  So this week i've enjoyed lighting every single blinking vaguely 'cold weather' or wintery one and relishing the smell of cinnamon, vanilla and Christmas Pudding {!!} each and every evening. Since it's been so grey and wet and horrid it's been pretty lovely.

7.  Seeing the first flowers peep up and take over the world {almost!} on my new Hyacinth plants.  I bought them only a week ago and already i've got a sweet little jam jar filled with their sweet pale pink blooms!  Seeing a little green and pink peep in our living-room has really made me feel ready for Spring….

8.  Wavy hair days.  AKA the saviour for an extra twenty minutes at least under the covers which, come this time of year is a saviour in itself!  Courtesy of a 'waving wand' bought for my birthday.  You simply wrap lengths of hair around the wand and hold for about five seconds.  If i do it before bed all it takes are a few squirts of dry shampoo and a fluff and i'm good to go…..Plus it gets extra bonus points for the fact that it actually still looks pretty two days on.  Win win!

9.  Maple syrup.  I'd gone so so long without ever having had Maple Syrup.  Who knows why for there certainly wasn't any real reason at all!  I've just always reached for the honey in the supermarket.  Now my daily porridge gets a drizzle each and every day and combined with a little mashed banana and coconut yoghurt?  Well you've got yourself a dream snack right there i can tell you! 

10.  Macadamia nuts.  Nuts are my lifesavers.  I'm never without a packet, tin or some kind of receptacle tinkering about at the very bottom of my bag for when hunger strikes.  When i'm extra busy and know i'll have a late lunch or if i've got something on after work i know that a small handful of nuts will see me through until i can make a proper meal.  If i'm feeling really indulgent, i'll sneak in a few squares of dark chocolate too…..what was i saying about chocolate?!?  This week it's been all about Macadamia nuts.  Is it me or are they just the most underrated and forgotten about little nut?!?!?  I keep dreaming about macadamia nut butter since i'm sure it's not a thing yet.  Is it?!?  I imagine it'd be pretty easy to make…. 

11.  Almost almost walking to work in full blown daylight.  That's progress from last week ALONE!!!!  
*  *  * 
Now my nearest and dearest and favourite ones it's over to you!  Do share with me your wonderful moments from your week so far!  You can pop a sweet comment below, or tweet me or tag me anywhere you like! I'm @sallytangle on both Twitter and Instagram.

Shall i tell you something extra lovely and fabulous about this particular #wonderfulwednesday …?!  The super sassy Michelle from Life Out of London is jumping aboard the #wonderfulwednesday bus this week too!  Pop over and check out her little list of the very best bits of her week so far right HERE and do shout out or share your link below if you've written your own #wonderfulwednesday or similar type post below.  

If you'd like to join in too, do shout out so i can give you a little mention next week too!

Have the most lovely of weeks!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #100!!

{Little joys:: Dry days and prettily printed dresses adorned with teeny tiny pom-poms!}
HAPPY NEW YEAR lovely ladies and gents!  Pardon me for being a little bit belated on that front but it's only polite to wish you all it, since i havent popped by since last Wednesday.  Hands up who's so so ready for that clean page, fresh start and blank 'anything is possible' canvas-type feeling?!?!  Me, me ME!!!

I'm particularly impatient for Spring this year - largely because our Winter so far as been unseasonably mild, wet and blah.  I took down our decorations on Monday as i was off.  I delighted in a jolly good clean, dust and hoover {it's a miracle there were actually any needles left on that little tree of ours since so many were swooshed up into our hoover!  I spent the afternoon catching up on laundry and delighting in having the large floor to ceiling windows in our livingroom WIDE open.  I was frozen!  But i wrapped up in layers and sat munching my late lunch with a big blanket wrapped around my shoulders - it was bliss.  

How have you been spending your first few days of 2016?  I sort of like the ring '2016' has to it…don't you think?!  The inner control freak/borderline neat-freak in me is also delighting in the fact that my first Wonderful Wednesday of 2016 is number 100!  We best hop to it!

1.  New blooms.  As soon as the decs are down and the grey and   l-o-n-g  month of january looms ahead i yearn to fill our little somewhere with colour.  Well, you know more colour than is already in it!  I picked up a couple of tubs of potted purple and pink hyacinth and some baby daffodils to dot about our kitchen and livingroom and treated us {read: me!} to a new Rhubarb scented candle to burn come early evening.  

2.  Transitional treats.  I love  the start of a new season and whilst it will be a fair few months before actual Spring is here, you can always count on retail to be months ahead of the game!  It's been lovely seeing our transitional pieces trickle in at Monsoon Towers and i've got my eye on a beautiful soft pink Breton from the lovely folk at Boden.  Mostly i just love to wander about the shops and take in all the lighter, brighter pieces.  Usually in my Winter coat, scarf and bobble hat!

3.  Taylors of Harrogate Rose Lemonade Tea.  Our current before bed beverage of choice. Not nearly as rose-y as it would have you think. It's sort of a fresher vimto-esque and lemon-ey treat that is just delicious.  

4.  More sale bargains! I've been so bad!  SO BAD! *puts head in hands* but it made me feel marginally better when i realised that the handful of things i've bought in the sales i've got for the price i would have paid full price for just ONE of them.  That's pretty impressive don't you think?!  Last Spring i lusted over a pair of the softest leather pale pink brogues from M&S.  They sold out everywhere!  I spotted one pair, in my size this week for over half their original price.  They're Spring in a shoe!!!!  

5.  Spinach.  I've really been craving this stuff lately {i'm blaming the grey skies and not the mince pie consumption!} and i've been loving eating it alongside sliced avocado and scrambled eggs.  It's best at it's very simplest:  gently wilted on a low heat with just a dot of coconut oil.   And then sprinkled with sea salt. Heaven!!!

6.  Left over potatoes smooshed a little and fried in garlicky butter and torn rosemary and eaten warm, dunked in hummus alongside the biggest salad when neither of us had the brain power to be particularly creative in our dinner making.  It was one of the best dinners we've eaten in a while we both agreed.  Don't you find that they often come out of nowhere??!? 

7. Grated courgette.  Why have i never grated a courgette before?!?  I've been adding it to anything and everything:  Sprinkled on top of pizza, flicked through seedy salads and even in veggie fajita wraps.  I simply grate, add a glug of olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon and it keeps in a little tupperware in the fridge of a couple of days.  I'm excited to use it as a base for a feta frittata later on in the week instead of my usual new potatoes.  Mmmm!

8.  That really perfect in every way kind of cup of tea that only really occurs…..hmm once in a hundred?!  I don't mean to toot my own horn and all of that but i'm kind of great at tea making, it's my thing.  But often i wonder if because i drink so much of the stuff that i grow…complacent{?!} at times.  All it takes to bring me back down to earth {and to verify that little tea making crown i have imaginarily perched atop my little head} is a really long and busy day and a bloody good cup of tea.  The kind you sigh loudly in contentment from the very first sip and imagine already craving another all but two sips in, was it not for the fact that everybody knows you can't get two great cups in a row.  I can't imagine life without tea, i actually just can't.  

9.  When you wake up half an hour before your alarm clock is due to go off and get momentarily annoyed, only to realise that in fact it's your day off and actually you could sleep all the live long day if you wanted to.  Even if there is a Leaning Tower of Pisa-shaped collection of laundry lingering in the spare room and a thousand things to tick off your list of things to do.  But mmmmm BED!

10.  Fleeting if not mere seconds of extra daylight on the end of each day lately.  Scratch that, even if the difference is barely noticeable, just knowing that we're moving in the right direction gets Wonderful Wednesday points galore!

11.  Messy waves.  For being my lifesaver for that 'wah my hair needs cut ever so badly but January is SUCH a   l-o-n-g   month' sort of feelings.  I'm hoping i can disguise said fluffy hair until at least the last week of the month.  Waves and hats.  Two things that are saving my bacon barnet lately.

*  *  *  
Righty-HO it's up and over to you lovely lot!  Dazzle me with your fresh-start wonderful-ness and week-so-far-shaped greatness!  What has had you grinning from ear to ear on possibly the hardest 'back to work' week of the whole year..?  Remember to drop a sweet comment below orrr come and find me on Twitter and Instagram and say hullo!  I'm @sallytangle on both.  Don't forget to tag me in your #wonderfulwednesday antics:  Great cups of tea, good hair days or simply just to wave the flag.  I'm forever grateful to you all!

Much love,

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #99

{The way that most mornings start lately.  Quite romantic….from this side of the glass!}
I write this post SNIFFLING as i go after seemingly contracting the worst cold of my life since Christmas day last week.  Whilst i am struggling to taste anything {or breathe come to think of it} i am ever so excited because as you read this i shall {i hope!} be still tucked up under the duvet with three whole days off stretching ahead of me!  I am beyond ready for it, pausing only for Christmas day off this year.  The whole of last week itself has felt like a little bit of a blur and i am getting anxious and keen to clear our little attic of Christmas.  Is that awful?!  As soon as the day is done i feel instantly ready to clean everything and for Spring to be there already.  It seems it just slips my little mind that Winter tends to last until at least March on our shores.  For me Christmas is as much about the build up as it is the big day and once that's gone, i'm already toying with how soon is too soon to buy a bunch of tulips or daffodils!

Tell me it's not just me?!?  ANYWAY shall we get on with why we're all really here because i could quite clearly sit and natter until the cows come home!
*  *  *

1.  Team work.  I hadn't really realised quite how much i love being part of a big team until i wasn't anymore.   In my job, the run up to Christmas and the launch of our sale would be nothing {and utterly useless} were it not for a bloody great team.  This week has been a bit of a snowball and got steadily busier each day and it makes me grateful how well our little team works together.  

2.  Left over toasted Panettone slathered with salty butter.  Munched by the light of the Christmas tree on silly 8.30am work starts and having to rise at stupid o'clock. It's the only thing worth getting up before the sunshine for.  Well that and a strong cup of tea!

3.  Sale bargains.  Okay so i said it!  I hate sale shopping which largely stems from having to work in that kind of environment at this time of year.  That said, you can't beat the smug feeling {and little pat on the back to yourself!} that comes from stumbling upon a couple of things online that you had your eye on full price and that are now in the sale.  Merry belated Christmas {and well done for not indulging before the big day} to meee!

4.  Brandy butter.  Okay so inside i promised myself that i would try so much not to write all about food in this weeks' post but at this time of year?!  Well it's nigh on impossible to not indulge a little more than usual!  I'd never ever tried brandy butter until this year.  I'm not sure why…i guess the literal thought of it didn't appeal somehow.  Until we got a MASSIVE Fortnum and Mason Hamper for Christmas jam-packed with so many lovely treats!  Including a beautifully decorated jar of cognac butter.  We tried it for the first time spread on warm mince pies on Christmas Eve and oh MY goodness!!!!!  Where have i been?!?  We've since been discussing what else we can spread it on.  Toasted teacake anyone?!?!

5.  Two whole days without any kind of rain!!! An absolute novelty!  And i've been kicking myself that i wasn't already off just so i could finally get out on those two wheels of mine!!!  I'm beginning to think i'd have got a little more exercise if i'd have had a canoe lately…. Please keep al things crossed that i get out and about on that sweet pushbike of mine over these next couple of days!

6.  New Year plans.  I say that in the loosest possible way as i really don't like New Year. If i had my way {and, you know all of the money in the world} i'd have two Christmas Days any day i really would!  This year we plan to stay in a make a little festive cocktail to toast the New Year.  We'll get in our pyjamas and watch a film and then snuggle up and watch Jools Holland with the last of our mince pies…and you know maybe a little brandy butter!  And then on New Years Day we're hopefully off for a lovely long walk somewhere green and then home to make a roast chicken dinner. 

7.  Writing dates and engagements in my new diary.  Is there any better feeling?!  Whilst i'm not a fan of New Year per say, i do love the fresh start feeling that comes with it.  That part i can get on board with!

8.  Iced water with segments of clementine and torn up mint leaves, because well, i'm ill and all that.  Just joking!  It's a refreshing thirst-quencher for my sore throat and feels a little more seasonal to boot!

9.  Facial oil. This is only something i started using a couple of months ago as the temperature started to dip and it's made such a difference to my skin!  I use a few drops a couple of times a week instead of my usual night time serum. I massage it gently into my face and neck and I've it a little while to sink in.  My skin feels and looks much brighter, more refined and well….just lovelier than usual.  And come this time of year and my longer hours well i need all of the help i can get!!!!

10.  Eucalyptus oil.  Because it's been saving my little life this week:  Dropped into a hot bath, inhaled over a little china basin and a towel before bed or simply dropped into a little tissue before bed.  Whilst clearing my little pipes a treat it's also sort of comforting somehow and lasts so so much longer than Vicks Vapour Rub.  

11.  Putting clean pyjamas, straight from the radiator on after a hot bath.  Is there anything lovelier?!?!?  Especially when you're feeling a little under the weather.  I can't tell you how well i slept that night, sniffles or no sniffles…
*  *  *

Tell me tell me TELL ME how was your Christmas Day?!?  Here's hoping you had the most magical one!  We lay in late {well until 9am} and then opened our presents here over toasted Panettone and tea.  Then we hopped in the car and scooted north up to Scotland to my parents.  We swapped presents and did round two and then had Christmas dinner followed by silly games and long catch ups with each other.  Then we drove all the way back home again and collapsed into bed at 2.30am!!!!  

I'd love to know your very best bits from this week so far i really would!  Remember you can leave a sweet comment below or share your #wonderfulwednesday -ness with my on Instagram or Twitter.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  

Happy Happy HAPPY New Year to each and every one of you!
See you on the other side!


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