Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #207

{Getting that blue-skied 'fix' as and when i can!}
It's only flipping flopping Wednesday again over here already!  I'm more than ready for this weeks' post since as i'm feeling ever so slightly just lacking  in 'va-va-voom' this week somehow.  I've been clinging onto rare sightings of blue skies and sunshine and munching down on a whole rainbow colour of food stuff in a bid to ignite some kind of get up and go-shaped energy in me. Cross all manner of fingers and toes and the like that it'll work!  
How are you and how has your week been?!  Share your rocket fuel please!  What are your secrets?!  I'm very much looking forward to diving into this weeks post in a bid it'll bring me out of my mid-week dip!  There's lots to celebrate and so really there's no excuse at all.  

Let's GO!

1.  Bananas.  Oddly something i never really liked growing up and to be honest have only really started to fully appreciate in the last two years or so {anyone who follows me on Twitter {i'm @sallytangle} will most likely recoil in horror since as bananas are something i tweet about A LOT.  If you know me in real life you'll also vouch that i talk about them more than the average person!} but this week they really have been my everything.  There is not a lot that a perfectly ripe banana cannot fix and not much in the whole wide world that beats a really, really ripe and spottily ripened banana mashed into porridge whilst it's cooking.  It gives the most caramel-y sweet and silky porridge and topped with peanut butter well quite frankly it's a DREAM.  I generally also always have one stashed in my bag to munch on my half hour or so walk home each day and i'd probably eat another in a day if i didn't think that three was too much.  Is three too much?!?  I mean, who's counting?!

2.  Topping toast.  Sorry this has all started out so food-heavy but what can i say?!  Lately i have been really very hungry feeling!  We always do our grocery shop on a Tuesday evening and so i can never really be too bothered putting too much effort into what i make for supper that night.  The Mr has gotten himself into a nice habit of just picking up a pizza and i have gotten myself into a nice habit of having what i'll call 'Creatively Topped Toast.'  I flippin' LOVE it.  This week i had toasted sourdough spread thickly with beetroot and mint hummus and dotted with teaspoons of really thick and creamy cottage cheese.  I then top, top, topped it all off with pea shoots and a squeeze of lemon and it was the BEES KNEES.  Is it weird that i look forward to it all week day?!

3.  Milder weather.  Yes not just sunshine but real life 'I'm actually too warm in my cardigan, tights and dress' at work on Tuesday evening.  Progress is being made dear ones and i for one am VERY excited!  It's only in the real thick of Winter that you just can't imagine ever feeling warm enough to wear any less than three layers and tights that almost go right up to your chin.  This week we've made progress and it fills me with so much love for what's to come!!! Is that weird?!  

4.  Vegetable market shopping.  I might be the only person that gets excited about this but golly GOSH do i love shopping for vegetables at little markets.  There are hardly any up here but what there IS, is a sweet little farmers market at one of our local garden centres and if we are both off together on a Sunday we always have a little drive up and pick up our weekly fruit and vegetables from there.  Not only are they so much cheaper but they're much fresher and taste so much better!  This weeks highlights already have been the shiniest and reddest crispy crunchy apples which i have been very much enjoying dipping into almond butter as after work snacks; the hugest bright orange carrots which we roasted until they went all caramelised and sticky and then tossed in runny honey and wholegrain mustard AND the curliest most fresh-tasting peashoots i have been scattering across everything i can.  Oh and sometimes just eating straight from the bag.  OH AND BANANAS!  But i feel like my 'banana chat' might have hit peak already this week *covers eyes.*

5.  Pyjamas, tea and buttery shortbread.  I mean it's probably not the best habit to pick up but lately it's been all about snuggling down under a little blanket on the sofa and dunking buttery shortbread fingers into hot milky chai tea before bed.  I keep thinking i should make some shortbread and wonder why you never hear of cinnamon shortbread?!  Sounds like a dream to me!  Maybe with a little brown sugar dusted on top?! Maybe that's what i'll do on my day off this week.

6.  Lighter mornings.  I mean you all know how much of a morning person i am.  Or if you didn't  you can probably work it out from all of the porridge talk and witterings about daylight most weeks.  Even i struggle a little on the darker winter mornings but this week feels SO much lighter than last!  In fact it was SO blue-skied and 'awake' out there on Monday that i actually had a mini-panic i'd somehow set my alarm wrong and was late for work!  I can't wait until i can eat my breakfast without the lamp on.  Or better still:  With the french doors open and my feet dangling into the garden.  Or am i getting a little bit ahead of myself?!?

7.  The smell of Spring.  You know i wish i could bottle it and keep it forever.  Surely you've noticed it too?!  Long gone are my races home nuzzled down into my scarf; mittened hands shoved into pockets and icy air catching in my throat as the smell of coal fires and icy-trodden ground tickles my nose.  Oh no!  Lately has been for ever so slightly lingering and for less rushing and noticing the gentle in and out of each breath and more than that:  breathing in the sweet scent of green.  That's the only way to describe it:  All lighter, fresher and cleaner somehow.  I feel like i arrive home feeling a little bit better for the long walk home and far less frost bitten with a numb nose!  It's been really rather lovely.

8.   A simple blue sky.  Yes, i know i can hear you!  Surely there's nothing fancy about that?!  But when you don't see one all too often or at least it doesn't feel like you do it's really flipping lovely.  The sun was so bright on Tuesday afternoon and the sky such a vivid shade of blue that it made the cotton wool clouds look as bright and as a jolly as a good boil wash might have had them and i had to squint to even look at them properly!  Once my eyes adjusted it made me ever so grateful for simple loveliness of nothing but a blue sky!  Maybe i need to get out more?!?

9.  A freshly cut fringe courtesy of moi.  More than well overdue and probably the reason that Tuesday's blue sky looked even more lovely - because i could actually see it.  Hurrah for being reunited with my eyes and eyebrows and for not having to flick, flick, flick it out of them at least a million times a day and even more hurrahs for it only improving the look of the rest of my messy mop or at least distracting from it by being all neat and tidy and straight once more!  Note to self:  MUST book a haircut next month!

*  *  *
And i'm only jolly well done again ALREADY!  Who can believe that we're here again and rocketting forward through this month at an alarming rate?!  I'm trying my best to notice the 'Now' and not to wish it all away so fast.  I feel like Spring is such a precious season because it feels so short in comparison to Winter, don't you agree?!  It's this little corner that keeps me counting and helps me grateful whilst also noticing the tiniest little details of my week.  

Enough about me!  Skip your little selves right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's OH and lovely lovely Ellie's  blogs to catch up with their very own #wonderfulwednesday s and rejoice in whatever has been making them smile this week so far.  Don't forget to join in across all social media using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all see and join in too!
And maybe I'll see you same time next week??!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #206

{More please!}
Good day to you and your beautiful face!  Thank you already for giving this little spot your time and your eyes for even just a few moments.  Always know that i am forever grateful for that.  I wish that i could thank you all personally because you're just the loveliest bunch and this post is so much more than the little silly weekly list that it once started out as a long, long time ago.  It's motivating to write, inspirational to think of and sometimes drags me out of a miserable fed-up place that nothing else will shake.  It forces me to look at the little maybe insignificant things that maybe i'd have otherwise overlooked.  It makes me treasure them more than maybe i would have and more than that, it can't help but make me count my blessings and remember how lucky i am in the grand scheme of things. 

Yes this little #wonderfulwednesday isn't little at all.  It's mighty and feel-good and wonderful by name and nature and ALL that it means and this week feels like one of those weeks where i just appreciate it and those who drop by and who kindly {oh so very very kindly} join in, without fail each and every week.  Thank you from the bottom of my little heart!

Somebody stop me!  Let's get listing before this becomes more 'Oscar's speech' than #wonderfulwednesday.... 

1.   Extra light.  I feel like if i had a chart i'd most definitely be marking the odd few minutes extra of the stuff each and every day.  It really is making a difference to me so much!  This Winter has felt the longest and greyest and so very lacking in light!  An odd day of sunshine here and there just isn't enough somehow.  I'm longing for longer lighter days and some more colour!  I shouldn't say it but.....  HURRY UP SPRING!

2.  Jacket potatoes.  One of the most underrated meals on the whole entire planet and one that i've seriously got out of the habit of making for far too long but am simultaneously making as many times as i can get away with lately.  Well at least once a week for the past couple.  Infact i can't believe we haven't talked about them here before!  Or have we?!  How do you take yours?!  Ours have been rubbed with olive oil and dusted with dried rosemary, thyme and oregano and baked slowly in the oven {if you microwave yours then i'm sorry we can't be friends anymore} and then dotted with salty butter, seasalt and piled high with homemade baked beans in tomato sauce with smoked paprika and chilli and then served with crumbled feta and rocket.  Yes i always burn my mouth and yes i always eat it too fast but MAN ALIVE is it worth the pain and little bit of indigestion!

3.   Fresh flowers.  See point one and serious lack of any kind of light sunlight most days lately.  I've been fixing my frown with the brightest flowers i can find and this week i deviated from my faithful daffodils {i know who am i?!  A dare devil that's who!} and instead got all extravagant and bought myself the hugest bunch of sunshine-y yellow tulips.  So huge infact that they fill two jars.  They're serious cheerer uppers and the epitome of inside sunshine!

4.  Stripes.  I know, I know i'm nothing if not a bit predictable and a lot of a broken Spring record lately {bear with} BUT they're just my jam come anytime of year to be honest.  It's just getting closer and closer to being able to wear them without a billion layers over the top and that makes my heart happy!  These past few days have been all about black and white striped polo necks worn with my all-time favourite black dungarees.  I love that it's the comfiest outfit for at home and after work worn with my sheepskin slippers and cosy 'bobbled to blazes' cream cable cardigan BUT it works just as well with a slick of eyeliner, a red beret, stripey socks and clumpy clogs for out and about.  I say this, but when am i ever out and about?!  

5.  Adele.  This gal never gets old and her music, golly gosh it just tugs at my heart so very much.  This week i've had her albums in my ears at every given opportunity and sang till tears rolled down my little cheeks on a fair few occasions also.  Not sad tears so much, just the emotional kind.  I'm singin' and typin' as i write this {but no tears i promise!} because are you even a real Adele fan if you don't pretend to 'play' the computer keyboard at the same time?!?  You know what to blame any spelling mistakes on this week..... 

6.   Hair washing.  Little and silly but happy-making all the same and exactly what these kinds of lists are made for.  It's odd to think that i used to get up and wash and dry my hair each and every morning just a few years ago.  Now i shower each evening before bed and try to make that hair washing 'lark' only once a week if i can stretch it out, if not then at least four to five days between!  I wont lie, it can be a challenge and it's a jolly great job that i flippin' love hats too because they're great hair-wash savers too!  The thought of having to wash and dry my hair just might be the most un-appealing job on the planet.  Except once i actually do, the feeling of clean hair is just utter bliss:  The wafty coconut-y scent whenever you swish-swash around and about and the shinyness of it all too!  It makes me almost want to get up an hour earlier.

Wait.  No it doesn't.  I'll settle for appreciating it even more since as it doesn't happen as often as maybe it should?!  In all fairness my hair condition has never been better!  
7.  The thought of two days off together after six in a row.    I am reveling in this feeling now and wishing so much that i could press pause.  I'm so very tired and it's so rare in my job to get two days off together.  I feel so much more rested and productive when i do.  I can't wait for no alarm, for crumpets for breakfast and for fresh-air walks and and just stopping and being.  You '9 'till 5-ers' are lucky ducks you know.....

8.   Blood oranges.  Bought on a whim after having a serious craving for citrus!  The prettiest blush pink oranges cut into wedges and gobbled up greedily they were so delicious.  I only had four and could have happily eaten the lot but i chose to savour them.  I'm actually considering having them with pancakes later.  I'm thinking grated orange zest folded through the better and serving them with demarera sugar and squeezed juice and maybe a dollop of creme fraiche.  What do you reckon?!?

*  *  *

And we're done!  Tip-tapped at lightening speed and the most cathartic thing to do when you're feeling so sleepy and tired and less than your best!  I'm so  very grateful that this silly little 'not so silly now' idea that came to me...well two hundred and six posts ago.  What's that? Is that almost four years of them!? CRIKEY!  What i'm more grateful for though is that beautiful group of inspirational, encouraging and damned right brilliant {each in their own right too} of gals that join in each week.  Don't you dare rest until you've hopped right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's OH and lovely lovely Ellie's  #wonderfulwednesday posts and filled your little boots with even more lovely than you can manage.  Because if there's one thing you can never have enough of, it's #wonderfulwednesday happy lists.  

Am i right?!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #205

{February, is that you?!}
Hello and happy mid-week. We've made it can you believe it?!  My mid-week already feels like an end of the week so i'm wondering if i might just collapse in a heap when it hits friday!  It's a good tired though.  I've been productive, and helpful and i've pushed myself and done my best and given all that i've got and that, is celebration in itself.  Even the quiet kind of high five to yourself or an attempt to squirrel away this feeling for another week which might not have felt quite so....successful. 

I'm jumping right in this week with the greatest #wonderfulwednesday list of lovely.... 

1.  Hazelnut milk.  One of the many things that have been bringing me comfort this week and what goes with chocolate better than anything?!?  HAZELNUTS.  I swear to goodness, it's forever my porridge milk of choice because paired with a really ripe mashed banana {or indeed a couple of fudgy medjool dates should you not be fond of a banana} and a heaped tablespoon or raw cacao powder?  Well those very few ingredients equal the most indulgent tasting and most comforting porridge that there is and one that i've been turning too pretty much every work morning lately.

2.  Snow.  Because despite what you might believe we always miss the stuff in the little pocket of Cumbria i live in!  It can be full on fluffy snowflakes and white carpets aplenty everywhere else in the county but where i live is a pretty little pocket of...well non-snow!  Until Tuesday of this week!  Yes, this Tuesday.  Yesterday.  The day i started work at 6am and had to get up and 4.30am and refused the offer of a lift despite the forecast because 'Oh don't be silly they always get it wrong it wont snow here.'  Snow it did!  Allbeit for only four hours or so but it was enough for it to 'stick' and for it to create a Narnia-esque canopy above my umbrella and cling gently onto each branch it touched which made for a pretty magical wander to work even if it was slippy-slidey AND my little fingers were so cold i could barely feel them through my woollen mittens.  I wish i'd had more time to appreciate it!  Even so it was a pretty sight all of the same!

3.  More comfort food.  This time in the form of toasted dark rye sourdough with salty butter, bitter marmalade and......wait for it, the sheer and GENIUS crowning glory:  A great big zig-zag of peanut butter.  Oh MY.  Why oh why had i totally and completely forgotten the sheer joy that is peanut butter and any kind of jam or marmalade.  OR infact lemon curd.  That, i've never tried but a lovely lady i served at work the other day mentioned it after we chatted for a solid ten whole minutes about our favourite nut butters.  Is it weird that i wished we could have gone for a cup of tea to carry on our important conversation?  Probably.  Either way, we were totally on the same page nut butter-wise and that lemon curd revelation?!  GOLD.  If i didn't have a million jars of various un-lemon curd type preserves i'd already be all over that one.  Watch this space/post. 

4.   Super power. There's a weird sort of determined, little bit stressed and generally superhero-shaped energy that comes from me when i'm deleriously tired and sleep deprived.  In an odd way, it's good for me every once in a while.  Yes Tuesday's super duper smashingly long shift was longer, but man alive did i tick, tick, TICK some stuff off a list that has been growing at alarming rate since last weekend.  And even if i'm struggling to keep my eyes open as i type this to you on Tuesday evening pre-supper {i worried that if i ate there'd be even more of a chance of me falling asleep!} i feel a a big sense of satisfaction and like i've really made the very most of each second of Tuesday and barely stopped for a single second.  

5.  Nigella seeds.  Or black onion seeds.  Or as i like to affectionately call them:  Game Changers.  Is it me or does this post just get cooler each week?  Weirdly {for me!} not a seed i'd put anywhere near my toast, porridge or crumpet BUT the very best kind of seed all of the same!  Predictably adding a savoury onion-y but more than normal onion-y {see THIS is why i will never write a cook book anybody will want to read!} note to anything in it's path.  I've been adding them to crispy oven-roasted jacket potatoes: Cutting down the middle, adding lots of sea salt and black pepper and them smooshing in some Nigella seeds and salty butter - SO GOOD.  I've also added them into cheese scones instead of mustard aaaand sprinkled them into spiced carrot and turmeric soup and the other week i threw some into some cauliflower florets that needed using up; tossed them in turmeric and olive oil and lots of black pepper and roasted them until they went crispy and dipped them in hummus.  The JOY!  OH i eeeven threw some on top of the cream cheese i spread on top of an onion bagel the other day.  Mind.  Blown. Pleeease try them, they're SO GOOD.  Must stop talking about food, must stop talking about food! 

6.  A mustard beret.  Silly but true.  That little pop of sunshiney yellow has given me SUCH joy this week.  I've been wearing it to work and even throughout the day inside work too.  I wont lie, at first it was largely due to a) feeling freezing cold and b) shunning a morning hair wash on far too many occasions in favour of the extra half an hour under the duvet {have i mentioned my 6am start yet?!}  but the more i've worn it, the more i feel all sad and sorry and lacking somehow when i'm not.  It goes with all manner of colours {more than you'd think!} and i'm especially enjoying pairing it alongside a dusky pink. I feel a little bit Battenburg-esgue and when has Battenberg ever been a bad thing?!?!

7.  Mint tea.  Oh ho HO oh YES another week another tea.  Mint for calming me, inside and out and for making me feel refreshed and somehow oddly cleansed of the long and busy day that has gone before.  Mint tea is severely underrated in my opinion.  

8.  Polo necks.  Not only reserved for the 1980's or so it seems.  I picked up a couple over Winter and i'm really rather loving the extra cosiness that can only come from having your neck covered up.  Polo necks and berets in one week you say?!  And mint tea?  When is it i collect my pension and bus pass again?!  

9.  The end of January.  Ah the start of February.  The start of a month that felt like it took approximately ninety-nine million other months to get to.  Since when did December feel like it had sixty-two days and not thirty-one?!  For someone who spends forever complaining harping on about life and it's break-neck speed, even i couldn't believe how long and grey and positively eternity-like January felt this year.  I'm still riding on that new month high and i'm only the more propelled forward by so much more light; by blue-er skies, greener everythings and the the feeling that Spring really is on the horizon.  I've never given February much favour before but i'm quietly learning to value maybe even more of a fresh start feeling than January the first?!?  How strange.

*  *  *

And i'm done.  I'm so very 'done' that i feel a little bit crazed and delirious from tiredness.  I'm actually worried that when i actually do stop after writing this outro; that i might fall off my seat and sleep on the floor until morning and wake up with carpet creases on my cheeks!  It's ok though.  I'm having avocado and ricotta cheese on toast and i'm beyond excited.  That in itself is more than enough to stay awake for if you ask me. 

Hows your week shaping up!?  Don't forget to hop right on over to the #wonderfulwednesday gang's posts {Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's OH and lovely lovely Ellie's post!  A lovely new and shiny recruit to the #wonderfulwednesday gang!} and to check out some equally lovely and super duper happy propelling goodness to get you to Friday!  What's been making your week merry and great?!  Share below or better still shout about it across social media using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all see and can join in!
Have a lovely week!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #204

{words of wisdom and beautifully 'rare too rare!' sunshine}
I'm not going to lie, i'm a little sad that this weeks post isn't going up on the 1st of February because that would make ALL of the neat and tidy parts of my heart and soul happy.  But then i thought to myself, if you don't need a great big dose of good and great and happy on this, the 31,000th 31st day of January {and what might go down in history as the l-o-n-g-e-s-t feeling January of my life to date!} then really when do you?!

These past seven days haven't been my finest.  I can't seem to shake the grey cloud above my head lately and blaming it all and SOLELY down to this everlasting month of not enough daylight and not enough green!  That said, if you follow along with me and my {often} crumpet-shaped musings over on Twitter, you'll know that i've actually been off work since last Friday.  That's right and i'm STILL feeling glum!  Less glum, if that helps.  But nonetheless glum and grey.  More than ever i've spent this time looking after Me and mostly sleeping and using it as a mini-hibernation and chance to reboot and be ready for a new month.  I'm hoping that as if by magic i'll emerge with glowing skin, a new lease of life and that i'll almost have to squint because everything will be so green and blue!  What do you mean i live in a dream world??  Leave me alone it's NICE here!

 Like the broken #wonderfulwednesday record that i am, gratitude most often comes from the darkest of places {bit dramatic, it's just the January blues y'all} and i've said it once and i'm saying it again:  I find the dig-deep type weeks and those that aren't as rose-y and pose-y and lovely are the ones where this post comes into it's own and helps me so much.  This weekly list and the little community of lovely #wonderfulwednesday -ers i've collected over the years just warms my heart and soul through and through!  Hands up if you think we should have #wonderfulwednesday tshirts!!!!!!  Okay so i digress.....

Let's get listin'...

1.  Self belief.  I mean i have glimmers of the stuff every now and then.  I sometimes squint and think, can i do this do i know what i'm doing?!  But you know what, it's a hard skill to master.  I'm good at playing the role of someone who has their stuff together on the day to day even if inside me i'm flailing a little.  Sometimes though, all it takes is an outsider looking in:  Someone who sees you in a different way.  It sometimes takes someone else's words to make you truly believe you know more and are worth more than you ever really think you are.  You know?

2.  Inspiration.  An odd point to celebrate since as i'm only at point number two and already i've done nothing but moan about the length and grey-ness that January is.  But you know, wherever you find that inspiration, whatever it is; hold onto it tight!  Put it in your pocket, the one closest to your heart and save it up for when you're having a wobble and for when you think you can't.  Because as my mum always says:  'There's no such word as can't.'  

3.  Hummus.  Because where would i be without that dreamboat in my life?!  And would you believe it i'd kind of forgotten about it lately.  THE HORROR.  Fear not, i fixed it by eating TWO kinds of hummus with Tuesday afternoons lunch by way of apology to The Hummus Gods:  Minty pea hummus {Spring in a spoonful:  All fresh and green and HEAVEN with feta or ricotta} and my trusty Yellow Split pea and Turmeric hummus {sunshine on a PLATE}.  I know what you are thinking and yes, yes i really DO know how to party....

4.  Birdsong.  Is it just me or lately, are the birds singing more loudly than usual?!  Now i'm no ornithologist but maybe they're just back from their Winter break or are maybe just maybe they're as excited about the start of Spring as you and I?! Either way, lately i've been loving lying in bed and listening along to the sweet chirrups.  I even stopped mid-a million laps of the park on Monday, just to listen to nothing but their sweet songs.  So pretty!

5.  Crumpets.  Yep that's right, off work weeks mean if you cut me open i'll pretty much be 50% crumpet and 50% tea.  I haven't eaten crumpets for breakfast in what feels like forever.  If i'm at work they just don't fill me up for long enough and so i tend to eat porridge as my breakfast.  But if i'm at home, i tend to wake later, eat later and find that they're the perfect 'too much not too much' type of breakfast.  They're mostly always piled high with nut butter {this weeks has been crunchy peanut and seeded butter} and as much sliced banana as i can precariously balance on top without feeling like it might topple off.  

6.    Sleep.  I could actually list this as one of my very favourite things to do in the whole wide world.  I'm a simple soul at heart {despite what the endless Anthropologie wish-lists would have you believe!} and really, if we're being honest; as long as i've had enough sleep and i'm not hungry and there's some kind of tea in plentiful supply, well then i'm happy.  These past few days i've slept like it's an Olympic sport:  After such a busy Christmas and New Year and then a really busy and often emotionally draining January; i just wanted to rest and recharge as much as could and i don't feel one shred of guilt because of it.  

7.  Stripes.  So what if i'm a huge great big walking and talking almost Spring cliche´?!  I mean i love stripes all year round but there is something about wearing them in Spring that feels right and proper and appropriate?!  This year i'm somehow oddly drawn to all things monochrome which; for a Liberty print-loving colour-clasher such as myself, has proven quite the U-turn and a revelation!  Don't worry.  Me and my mad colour combinations aren't going anywhere fast!  I'm not sure if it's the fact i've been wearing berets all winter long and suddenly i think i'm Parisian and minimal and chic.  Either way:  Stripes forever!

8.    Quiet. Just incase you needed any other reason to have you believe i'm the absolute heart and soul of ALL of the parties, then this really is it!  Yes there is a place in my heart for loud 'sing at the top of your lungs/dance around the house until you're all danced out' 'noise' but equally there is a very special place in my heart for the sound of nothing.  Not even birdsong!  The sound of nothing but the inhale and exhale of you breathing and the stillness of that exact moment.  Sometimes it's all you need to reset and recharge.  Now if someone could kindly teach me the art of turning off the thoughts inside my head completely i'd be very grateful!

*  *  * 

And it's all done and dusted for another #wonderfulwednesday list!  Don't forget to skip right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs for an extra #wonderfulwednesday fix!  Like i said, i can't think of a time you might need a dose of happy more than the very last day of January!  You can also share what's been propelling you through this week below in the comments section - or shout if you've written a similar post and we can read and share it with the rest of the world too!

I'm off to count the hours minutes and seconds until the end of this month make some supper and then i have a hot date with a shower and a face mask. I might even mix some tea and biscuits into the mix.....because you all know how much i like to party over here! 

Sending love and #wonderfulwednesday -shaped kisses!


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