Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #128

 {For all you know this could be my handy-work....clue: It's not but i wish it was!}
Hello hello and how do you doodle-do?  My word i've had one of those weeks where i just do not know where each and every day so far has gone!  I feel like i've blinked and all of a sudden I'm halfway through the week and I'm not quite sure how i got here!
I'm sat here writing to you, trying my hardest not to write the words I'm singing as i type {"Hello from the otherrrrr siiiiiide" incase you were wondering.  I flippin' love listening to Adele but even more than that i love singing her songs SO very much too.  Sometimes i even pretend I'm playing a piano and not typing at a keyboard but that's just between you and i, right?}.  I'm more than looking forward to having my #wonderfulwednesday as my day off this week too.  I'm keeping everything crossable, crossed that they'll be sunshine, a little bit of a later sleep and maybe even a chocolate brownie in the mix somewhere but we'll see.  Shall we get on and chit-chat about the best bits of my wizz-bang sort of a week so far..?
*  *  *
1.  Crisp, tart green apples.  'Cos for some silly reason i've been craving them so much lately.  I've been hiding them in a brown paper bag in the fridge and tucking into them ice-cold and delicious on these humid days we've been having and sometimes on the evenings too.  I imagine that I'll spread them with nut butter like i sometimes do with red apples but then before i know it i've already devoured half of my apple....
2.  Christine and the Queen's song 'Tilted' which i don't believe you if you tell me you haven't heard it and can more than bet my life {and all of my apples!} that you probably have!  It's the catchiest song that makes me want to dance wherever i am!  It's one of those songs that once you've heard it you'll be humming away to yourself for the rest of the day i can promise you....
3.  Carrot cake 'Nakd' bars.  OK so i don't even know that I'll like these yet except that I'm willing to bet all and everything that they'll be my new favourite thing by this time tomorrow.  I daren't even begin to imagine how much money i've spent on Nakd bars over the past three years or so.  Most likely well over the amount it would cost to buy the food processor i always complain i cant afford to make them from scratch myself!  My favourite flavours are the chocolate orange and cherry bakewell and since my favourite cake in the whole wide world is carrot, I'm expecting to be impressed with this limited edition flavour.  
4.  Curtains.  That's right I'm officially heralding the greatness of curtains and putting myself in the old lady club.  But trust me after three weeks with 'officey' soft grey vertical blinds and nowhere selling curtains i even vaguely liked or were affordable, to find some and to finally put them up {even if they are about 9ft long!} made me one happy bunny.  For the time being we've kept the blinds and snapped up the sheer floral white curtains from Ikea which actually look SO pretty!  Our room gets the sunrise very first thing, before the light moves around to the garden and back of the house in the evening; and having such a pretty reflection when we wake up is making us me so very happy!  
5.  The cheekiest starlings.  Since we moved in we've had the sweetest pair of starlings {I'm convincing myself it's the same pair because i like the idea of that much more!} visit us most evenings just before dusk.  They scamper around and about on the lawn collecting worms and singing to each other, it's the sweetest to watch.  Whilst I'm here, has anyone got any tips to attracting more lovely birds into the garden?  That might be the most old lady-shaped question i think i've asked in my life.... I've bought a little seed ball for the fence but nobody seems to give two hoots tweets about it.....
6.  Beetroot.  Jeepers i feel like this week's all about all of the food!  Lately i've been putting beetroot in and with every thing i can!  I've been loving roasting it and dicing it through quinoa with chopped apple and pecan nuts.  If I'm at home i make a honey dressing to drizzle over the top too and it really is the bees knees! Failing that, beetroot and feta cheese might be one of the very best combinations that there ever was!
7.  Turtle doves.  We've got a pair that seem to live on our roof for what certainly sounds like always.  Waking up to them coo-cooing to each other is the nicest sound!
8.  My walk home.  It really is the prettiest:  right along the river and then by the prettiest houses that there ever was {if you follow me on Instagram you have probably spotted a fair few of them already...I'm @sallytangle!} and it's fast becoming one of my favourite parts of the day.  
9.  Cool showers.  I never thought I'd type those words.  I'm usually *that* girl who has the shower on as hot as it will go come rain or shine but lately, well lately there's been nothing for all of this crazy hot, sticky and hair-expanding weather than cooler showers right before bed.  Then slipping into the coolest cottons and sleeping with the windows as wide as they'll go and with a sweet breeze tickling your toes....
*  *  *
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Have a wonderful rest of week lovely ones!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #127

 {The sweetest little wall from the weekend.  I wonder how many people have climbed those little steps?!}
As i type to you i've just had the hottest, sweatiest uphill-from-town-shaped ride with those two wheels of mine and I'm sat staring at the big mug of Lady Grey i've made and wondering what planet I'm actually on.  The sun maybe..?  It sure feels like it out there today and our spare-room-come-roo--of doom gets the sun in the afternoon which i definitely did not fully consider when i claimed that this would be the best room for our office space.  FYI it's the most un-office-y space at the moment since i am STILL wardrobe-less because we can't both make an educated decision on exactly what kind of wardrobe we want.  Despite the fact that it shall probably most likely be housing MY clothes.  Surely the decision is mine?  But then tell that to the boy that's had to endure me buying even more cushions {despite us having less sofa than before} and more plants for the patio that are actually frazzled to death for sure now if they weren't already.  
Aaaand.  Breeathe.  Because I'm sort of tangent-ing and actually life is good {if you don't look to the left and deny all knowledge to the heap of boxes out of the corner of your eye...}.  We've settled into a rough routine up here now {you know me and my routines!} and i've got a few days off this week so i've settled into a lovely little morning pattern and there's all sorts of jolly great things to talk to you about this week so lets get on it!
1.  Iced coffee.  I never thought i was that person who orders iced coffee.  I usually just stick to my usual cappuccino for day off-shaped after bike ride wandering.  Sometimes i might sneak a shot of hazelnut syrup in there or gingerbread if the season calls for it.  I once tried an iced soya latte and wasn't struck.  It was too......heavy, weak and milky.  I know!  Maybe it was all of the milk that's meant to be there etc, why am i surprised?!  But after yesterdays million degree ride to town i really fancied one!  I explained the predicament to the lovely barista and she made me an iced soya cappucino and i am HOOKED.  I drank it in about two minutes and actually considered going straight back for another but then i remembered CAFFEINE and the fact that i had a doctors appointment an hour or so later and didn't want to be all jittery and over-excitable for that kind of a thing....
2.  Washin' on the line!  Who knew one could get such bloody lovely pleasure from churning out loads and loads of washing and getting.  It.  All.  Dried.  Oh in about half an hour?!?  It makes a refreshing change from having to hang it over doors, in showers and quite honestly and probably on any guest that stood still long enough in our little flat.  And the smell?!?  I swear to the gods i had the best night sleep of my LIFE after changing the bed on Sunday evening.  Who am i?!  My mother apparently.....
3. Pleases, thank-yous and general manners.  It's weird but actually really rather...nice?  We've barely moved five miles away from where we were before, just north of the river and people actually talk to you?!  Our neighbours for one.  They say good morning first thing and ask how your day's been if they see you later.  On my ride into town the other day a kind gentleman stepped to the side of the cycle path to let me past and then we had a lovely chat about the weather and about the plants and the birds.  I feel a bit like I've stepped back in time and it's really rather lovely!
4.  Progress.  The big discovery of my week off so far is that it's not me, it's my bike.  That little cuteypie does NOT like hills.  Turns out her gears aren't made for building up speed and rocketting as fast as your legs can take you up steep hills.  You've have to be gentle and resign yourself to the fact that you have to go steady.  And slower than you'd like.  and that you wont win.  Not that it's about winning ever.  Because if you don't your gears slip and you end up tipping this way and that and almost landing in a hydrangea bush.  To be honest there are worse ways to go.... What has been good is finding that uphill ride home that bit easier the more and more i do it and enjoying what's going on around me all that bit more too all because of it.  I've *just* got to practise the art of keeping my eyes on the road and not on the pretty doors, gardens etc etc on my way.....
5.  A cheery little sprig of hydrangea.  Because mine has given up {is it true they can come back again next year...?} and i spotted the sneakiest little bush peeking out of a hedgerow {cheers birds!} and it's the perfect thing plonked prettily in a jam jar and perched upon our less than cheery window sill in the bedroom.  It's only less than cheery due to the fact we still don't have curtains and have to make do with horrid white blinds until we find some curtains we can both agree on...are you sensing a re-occurring theme i wonder?
6. Crumpets.  One with tangy orange marmalade, the other with crunchy peanut butter.  It's the perfect day-off shaped brekkie alongside my usual Lady Grey.
7.  Lazy lunches!  The kind where you get home and realise that you've completely missed lunchtime and actually it's almost 4pm but as soon as you realise you feel as if you could eat your own head you're so flippin' hungry!  I stood at the chopping board and eat warm toasted pitta, carrot sticks and the yummiest hummus that there ever was and all of a sudden all was right with the world {and my 'tum!} once more.
8.  Water.  I drink gallons of the stuff anyway but lately i feel ever so grateful for delicious, ice-cold glasses and glasses and glasses of the stuff.  How can people not like drinking water?!?
*  *  *  
Time to join in!  What's been floating your boat so far this week?  I'd love to know.  Make sure you also hop, skip or jump on over to Jo, Cat, Michelle, Kate and Helen's blogs to catch up on their #wonderfulwednesday posts.  Let me know if you'd like to write your own and i can tag you too!  And delight in having even more happy to read!
Have a super duper rest of week!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #126

 {Secret patches of wild lavender on wander home from work last week}
Hello there!  Remember me?!  Heavens it's only been two weeks since we last sat down and caught up here, but to me it feels like an absolute eternity!  I felt awful that i missed last weeks post and i *think* if I'm correct, out of 125 Wonderful Wednesday's - it was the very first one that i have ever missed.  I'm not should if that makes me super cool or really rather sad!  We had Wifi issues after moving into our new house which we didn't forsee and so it couldn't be helped.  It didn't stop me from feeling all kinds of guilty though!  

It was so so lovely to have so many tweets, emails AND an actual real life person at work say to me that they had missed my mid-week cheer.  It was the LOVELIEST feeling!   So I'm back to it and feeling all kinds of funny because it's ever so odd being sat a computer typing to you lovely lot, as i have done some 125 times before and yet in a totally different place.  

Our new house is FAB.  Last week it wasn't fab.  I was the tiredest I'd been in months after our house moving accidentally landed right in the middle of launching two sales at work and two or three ten hour shift and most days off spent packing, sorting and cleaning.  Last week, on a fair few occasions i just wanted to be back in our little attic, somewhere i knew; that was familiar and felt like home.   

But as it got to last weekend, we turned a corner and remembered why we'd moved in the first place.  Last Friday evening when we both got home, instead of slumping on the sofa and flipping through the TV, or phones or Ipads, we made some tea and sat out in the sun in our own little garden and just talked.  It was the nicest evening and such a lovely way to end the most stressful week.  We sat and watched the {then!} blue sky and cotton-wool clouds and listened to the nothing-ness - absolute silence save for the birds and the wind tickling the leaves of the sycamore tree at the end of the garden and suddenly it was home.  

Yes I'm sat talking to you still surrounded by boxes and yes i have run out of underwear on several occasions since i do not seem to be able to locate half of it and yes i do wish it was all sorted BUT it's coming together slowly and i just know we'll get there eventually.  And actually, even if i am the most impatient person that there ever was; half of the fun so far has been the planning, imagining and deciding what comes next and what will go where.  
 *  *  *
But maybe we should get on with this weeks' happy listin' before i get really carried away.  Although i shall warn you that it's almost entirely the moving house edition...  

1.  Familiar things.  I feel a little guilty for saying so but sometimes, things and more to the point your things in a new, strange or just plain different place; can be what makes home feel more.....home-shaped?  We're getting there and this little place is feeling more and more like home the more we're here too.  But wearing my favourite super soft {if not ripped too much!} faded slouchy jeans and my much loved black and white breton tee when i get in each night, coupled with about a million other familiar things in 'getting-there-but-not-quite-there-yet' surroundings such as cushions, quilt covers, scented candles etc etc, is making the world of difference to accepting a new routine altogether.

2.  New discoveries.  'Cos hells bells there's been SO many of those since we last spoke but ones that = short cuts home after a long day - OH are they welcome!  Especially when they run right along a river, through a little bit of woodland and keep my eyes so busy at all of the green, blue and white and wild flowers that I'm almost home in what feels like no time at all!  I'm not so sure how said pretty route will walk come the icy months....

3. Outside space.  It's not rocket science and to be honest since i harp on about the greatness of green all of the live long day, I'm not entirely sure why it's come as such a surprise quite how much i love our little garden.  It's perfectly square and is only the size of a postage stamp but it's ours.  And so far i've enjoyed placing our little terracotta pots on our patio (a pot of ranunculus, one of wild lavender, something i can't quite remember or pronounce but I'm sure I'll love when it eventually flowers AND a sweet little tub of fushia} and the time the two of us have spent on {rare, SO rare!} sunny evenings after work:  Sat cross-legged on cushions on the patio with mugs of chai tea and tales of our days to tell each other.  

4.  Silence.  I'd never really realised how noisy our little attic was.  If it wasn't beams rattling or wood creaking then it was the busy main road and the buses that chug-chugged along it night and day.  They were sounds I'd learnt to tune out, and some of them i became so used to that i almost found a strange comfort in them and a feeling of unrest when there wasn't any kind of racket!  Now the only sounds i can hear falling asleep are the rustling of the leaves on the massive sycamore tree that lives at the bottom of the garden.  And that's it.  And actually, it's the most calming thing and one of the reasons i feel like sleep has been coming ever so easily since we moved....

5.  Switching off.  I mentioned that i didn't post last week due to problems with our Wifi.  Whilst i really did miss taking time out of my week to share the bits i've loved, appreciated and am grateful for, i don't mind telling you that i really have been rather enjoying far less screen time and not to go all funny on you BUT just a little more time in the actual real world.  I've felt more relaxed and far less stressed.  But that might also coincidentally have something to do with unpacking and finally getting a little more structure into my life than i have had over the past ten days or so....

6.  Space.  Inside and out and all of the places!  I never realised how little space we actually had until moving.  She writes this sat tucked away in the corner avoiding poking herself in the eye with her own elbow due the large volume of boxes and other random paraphernalia that there is still to find a home for....  Aherm.  Spare rooms don't count though...right?  The idea was always to pack everything into this spare room and sort from it so as not to disrupt the whole house and to be able to get some kind of routine and order in our new home.  Maybe that's also having something to do with how much calmer i feel being here too.  It's less about trying to make things fit and more about being able to place them in a way that makes me happy....?  

7. New sofa-ing.  To you, from someone {called me!} that hardly spent that much time sitting on a sofa and was forever being told to 'sit still for one minute'.  You will never understand how great an invention the sofa is until you spend a whole nine days without one and have to eat your breakfast and dinner and sit on nothing but cushions, boxes and small pouffes on a hard wooden floor.  I was close, SO close to hugging our sofa delivery man.

8.  A silly yellow rain mac.  That sort of makes me feel like i should be on 'Deadliest Catch' whilst also reminding me of Captain Cod Fishfinger and also that I'm not entirely sure I'm quite cool enough to pull off OR should really be spending any money on at all given that I'm wardobe-less and have most of my clothes still in bin bags and boxes BUT one which makes me feel so flippin' happy and damn right giddy as a kipper whenever i wear it that i don't care.  I'm callin' it some kind of rebellion to all of this dreary wet, grey and nasty un-summery weather we've been having!

9.  Incense that smells like sweetpeas.  Which is fixing the fact that i haven't picked any this year yet whilst also making our new home smell SO pretty and summer-like which is also contributing to point 8.  Just imagine me sat in my little house, wearing my bright yellow silly mac, the rain pouring and with a big huge smile across my chubby little cheeks because it smells like summer inside! 

10.  My trusty ballet exercises!  For saving me and my tired self all of last week when it was too wet and horrible to explore on those two wheels and i felt so discombobulated that even just adding in a few more of these exercise sessions on my little yoga mat - in a amidst all of the chaos; sort of really flippin' well kept me feeling much saner than i could have been!  

11.  All of the sweet, kind and generally bloody lovely emails, tweets and ACTUAL real life in person-shaped comments i received after not posting a Wonderful Wednesday last week!  It both filled my heart and made me feel ever so guilty in one fair swoop!  But i'm hangin' onto the lovely feeling in my heart which reminds me how lucky i am to have this corner and for all of the lovely lot who take time out of their weeks to read this little post.  You are all WONDERFUL!

*  *  *
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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #125

 {Totally countin' down the days until i can get out on those two wheels!  Who can blame me?!}
How do you doodle-do lovely #wonderfulwednesday readers?!  How has your week been so far then? The past seven days for me have passed by in the hugest whirlwind of ten hour shifts, first days of sale and trying to move house in between. Infact as you read this I'll be getting ready to spend my/our very first night in our new and shiny house!  Well that's after i conquer another ten hour shift beforehand.....but the less said about THAT one the better!  
Moving has mostly gone okay so far.  It feels SO funny still being in our little flat when it's so flippin' empty but slowly that new little cottage of ours is starting to look and smell like ours {don't ask:  Our first visit had me feeling all kinds of funny since i just couldn't get my head around where to put anything and it just smelt funny and strange and not like home at all.  I'm a funny one!  It's been empty for almost a month and so it's to be expected.  I did have a little momentary wobble though!}.  Turns out that it's nothing that putting some new lampshades up, and some open windows, spring cleaning and carefully dotted about diffusers didn't fix!  With all of this busyness in mind, i'm going to keep this week's post brief in a bid to bank some sleep...that's totally a 'thing' and possible right...?!
1.  Glastonbury playlistin'.   Watching Glastonbury over the weekend has had me seriously regretting not booking any festival tickets this year.  How bloody amazing were Adele, Muse and Coldplay?!?!?  Good job a few great Spotify playlists have been able to sort me out though.  It was also a welcome kick up the bum to pack up some last bits on evenings after work earlier on this week. As sleepy and zombie-shaped as i've been, music just fixes me somehow.  Well music and a few mugs of my very favourite tea....
2.  Agreeing!  We've had our fair shares of 'this won't fit there's' 'i don't know i just don't like it there's' and 'i don't want that in there's' over the past few days but it's safe to say that somehow everything is all fitting into place...finally.  We've finally picked a sofa....i think.  We sorted out how our bedroom will look and agreed mostly everything is going and started to put together the kitchen.  It's been so strange deciding these things together.  Where we are now we have two kitchen cupboards and just one draw.  There has never really been room for deciding, mostly just fitting!  Working as a team and realising that actually we make a great one is a lovely feeling.  It's almost an extra sign that we're both doing the right thing and making the right steps.
3.  Coconut yoghurt.   By the sweetest little company called The Coconut Collaborative incase you're interested!  For an extra speedy snack always and whenever!  It's my latest go-to when I'm hungry!  I've had it piled high upon toasted banana bread; dolloped on top of a little bowl of fresh strawberries and straight up with coconut flakes and a handful of walnuts.  It's my little spoonful of Summer....even if the rain is pouring....
4.  Ballet.  In short spurts and not as you know it.  I've harped on about Mary Helen Bowers on You Tube for so long now but this week it's been helping me clear my mind and  Jeepers.  It's been a fair few days since i've managed a ride out on those two wheels of mine and i really am missing it!  Sneaking in these manageable yoga-come-ballet sessions in between longer shifts and everything else has really helped me unwind and helped clear my mind.  
5.  Homemade 'slaw.'  I'm a big hater of traditional coleslaw.  Bleeeeuuurgh.  But what i am is a big lover and advocate of as much vegetables as i can get my paws on!  Lately i've been loving grating, mandolin-ing {is that a word..?}and slicing as many leftover veggies as i can and dressing them in sesame oil, lime or lemon juice and a glug of apple cider vinegar and piling them inside wraps, on top of a bed of rocket alongside flaked salmon or even tossed through rice noodles.  It's the bees knees!
6.  Sunsets that come out of nowhere and leave you feeling grateful that you're loved, you can love and that you're living and breathing and actually pretty lucky in the grand scheme of things.  
*  *  *
And we're done!  Don't forget to quick-march your little selves over to Helen, Kate, Michelle, Cat and Jo's blogs for some more #wonderfulwednesday greatness!  Golly gosh i can't wait to show our new spot when we're a bit more settled.  I did a little merry jig in our garden the other evening.  It's the sweetest with a little Elderflower bush at the bottom!  ANYWAY i digress!  Happy mid-week and here's hoping i'm back with a more lengthy version this time next week!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #124

 {Because is there anything cherrier than watching bright yellow buttercups bob, bob in the breeze?!}
Good day and-a happy mid-week to you!  Quite frankly i couldn't tell you what day it is.  After my few-too-many days in a row at work that we spoke of last week, last weekend i was lucky enough to grab two or three days off together to sort ready for tipping everything out of our attic and into our new house next Wednesday.  I wish i could tell you that i spent that time super-productively - parts yes - but it took a good two days to just catch up with myself if I'm honest!  The last day or so was spent de-cluttering, charity-shop trippin' and despairing {me} and organising paperwork, being rather calm and despairing {him, at me}.  It's a jolly good job he's a patient sort who doesn't mind my fizzing and flapping - oh and only ever using 5% of his own wardrobe, draws and the like to allow me to fit all of my stuff in. Still. 

So we'll keep this weeks' post short - i hope you wont mind.  I feel a little guilty sat {allbeit surrounded by boxes!} luxuriously writing down the good bits from this week so far like i don't have any thing better or more useful i should be doing.  BUT for me, to keep a little routine in amongst the chaos of moving house, and taking a moment to dig deeper for the good in a week where I'd usually struggle; well it's important i think.  More so than ever!

1.  Tea.  I'm really rather relishing drinking tea lately.  I briefly went through a little phase recently where i just couldn't make myself a good cup of tea.  What is all of that about?!  I mean i've had 30+ years experience!  The tea-making mojo hath returned and maybe it's the monotony, the habitual ritual call it or just the joy of simply sitting and sipping my favourite Lady Grey tea and being alone with just me and my thoughts. If only for minutes.   Who knows what it is because tea any time is pretty magical.  Lately though? Well it's been a bit more magical.

2.  Dusky pinks.  I'm forever a riot of print and car-crash of colour and can usually {and probably!} be spotted from the moon with all of the bright colours i wear!  Lately has all been about soft dusky pinks paired with charcoal soft grey skinnies or slate-y grey slouchy ripped jeans and messy hair - the messier and low maintenance the better.  I feel like the colours i wear really impact how i feel.  I've been saving those brights and prints up for long days at work where i need all the fizz and energy i can summon!  Those softer tones have been worn when I'm at home tickling, packing and generally trying not to flap too much.  I feel much calmer in softer colours.  Don't you?

3.  The radio.  I've always favoured the radio over the TV, ever since being a little dot.  Having the radio on always reminds me of spending weekends at my Nana's.  Even though she had a little black and white portable television {it wasn't that long ago - she just preferred her little black and white one!}  she always had the radio {or The Wireless as she called it!} on as she pottered about from room to room.  I often woke up to the radio and fell asleep to it too.  Maybe that's a comfort thing too - who knows.  Lately i've been loving listening to Magic FM as i tinker about at home.  

4.  The restorative nature of ballet and exercise in general.  I've always used exercise this way.  Sure it's an added bonus that all exercise helps keep me fit and tones and shapes my body gently too.  But really, finding exercises that i love {even though that's taken me about 30 years too!} was much more about finding something that helped my mind just as much as it helped my body.  Riding my bike does that - breathing in fresh air through my little lungs at a rate of knots and watching all of the green and flowers as i go.  But the slow-paced ballet exercises i do as and when i can squeeze them in also really help clear my mind. I follow the simple steps, enjoy the repetitive nature and the way have very little else to focus on but my posture and breathing.  And all i need is my little yoga mat.  And i can still squeeze that in and around the boxes *wink wink*.  I've even thought about trying a little meditation.  Any thoughts...?  Who am i?!

5.   A welcome breeze.  the weather {my oh my it's number five and I'm only just talking about the weather!} has been...ish lately.  There has been spatterings of rain, great and almighty rainstorms and then sneaky bright blue skies that come out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as they arrive!  It's been ever so blustery this week.  Normally i loathe the wind.  My legs walking to and from work or lapping the park on those two wheels have to work so much harder!  But a warm wind come this time of year is a welcome one!  Especially when my head feels full to bursting and my lists have sub-lists and bullet points all of their very own!  A Summer breeze?  That's something I'm definitely on board with! 

*  *  *

And we're done!  Short and sweet this week!  I'm already panicking that our internet might not be up and running in time for next week's post.  Next Wednesday will be the very first night in our new home!  Eeek!  Anyway enough about me - if this isn't enough happy for your pretty peepers:  Hop, skip and jumper over to Jo, Michelle, Kate, Helen and Cat's blogs to read their #wonderfulwednesday greatness!  Better still, join in yourself!  Leave a sweet comment below or join in with the nattering on any social media channel using #wonderfulwednesday.  I'm @sallytangle everywhere!
*  *  *
Happy halfway through the week favourite faces!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #123

{Lovely lilacs and sneaky sunshine after the greyest start to the day!}
I'm writing this SWEET little post in what can only be described as a 'six day in a row at work {soon to be seven! *wimpers*} half delirium-cum-trance.'  I'm with it, I'm just not with it - if you get what i mean.  That combined with a few moving-house shaped stresses and disagreements over silly things like new sofas and the like.  

We've never really owned anything together, between us or as one before.  Well unless you count a washing machine but that's about the most non-descript thing that there ever was.  When deciding upon its 'requirements' in the shop, there were only two:  That it washed things and that it did so quietly.  Sofa?  Sideboards?  Curtains?!  They're a different ball-game altogether.  I keep trying to explain that i've got a vision, that i've got a Pinterest board for this and a moodboard for that and i want it look like this and feel like that *points to impossible decorating inspiration in silly overpriced glossy magazine* only to be met with:  I don't like it.  Why?  'I just don't.'  I'm not sure if my head hurts from that or the lack of day-off more.....
So bear with me, this week's post *might* be a slow starter.....

1.  All of the berries.  Oh ho ho you say, not just one fruit this week?  Oh no, all of the fruit.  Or berries as the case may be.  You know it's real and actual Summer when blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are cheap as chips and taste like heaven!  Which means we put berries on everything humanely possible. 

2.  Berries and cheese.  Okay a cheat point considering ^^^ but it's my post and this little creation was wonderful enough to warrant its own little mention so there.  The kind of casual lunch that comes about from sleeping in, prioritising breakfast making over lunch making pre-work and feeling very un-inspired when my lunch time swung around.  I grabbed a punnet of raspberries, a pack of oatcakes and a tub of cottage cheese.  And spent the next little while wondering why the bobbins I'd never considered such a concoction before now. 

3.  The perfect top-knot.  Not to go all shallow and vain on you as i know that quite often this post is about green leaves, bird song and appreciating things a little less.....'me' BUT a good top knot is something i strive for alot but rarely {i can probably count on one hand!} achieve, if ever.  Since my hair is now short, short short, this IS made even harder.  But the other morning, quick as you like, with the least amount of thought possible, i grabbed the top section of my {should have been washed} hair and pulled it halfway through a hair elastic, gave it a tug a stuck a kirby grip in for extra 'grab' and what do you know?!  The perfect amount of messy, 'done' and 'hey maybe she knows what she's doing when she gets dressed of a morning' -shaped topknot appeared.  I spent most of the day afraid to move my head too much.  But it was worth it.  It's also worth mentioning i haven't been able to recreate it since.  Except for before the shower last night.  Why is it that always happens?!?!

4.  Home magazines.  Or actually if we're being really honest the M&S home magazine and catalogue too.  I may or may not have cut out several images even though they resemble nothing like what i can afford and also have used almost a whole pad of post-it notes book-marking, cross referencing and generally writing silly ideas down.  It's made me feel all kinds of organised.  Have i actually packed anything yet?  Well we'll come back to that one another time......

5.  The smell of Summer rain in a city.  Don't get me wrong the very best kind of rain smell is just after an almighty down-pour in the country.  But when you've worked almost a week solidly and not really had any time {see point 4, aherm} to scamper out into the green on those two wheels, that's just that.  No, there's something lovely about the smell after a jolly good pour down in the city.  The kind of rain that has you thinking that someone's got thunder you know the kind i mean?  The heavy, warm and drenched tarmac smell where the air clings to your skin and makes your hair suddenly three times it's size?  Well there's just something rather lovely about that, don't you agree?

6.  The first sip of a really lovely cup of tea after a really long day.  I don't need to explain this one.  But the kind of cup that has you instantly wanting another when you're only a few sips in.  I have learnt over the years that you can never make two cups in a row that good so i don't even try.    I just make the extra lovely one last as long as possible and give it my whole and undivided attention.  Bliss!

7.  Hazelnuts.  I'm often convinced i was a squirrel in a past life. I adore nuts!  I'm often heard tinkling and rattling as there's always some kind of nut in a tin, packet or box in the bottom of my bag as I'm forever hungry and forever in need of a little 'something.'  Lately has been all about hazelnuts:  Toasted and chucked on top of granola with raw cacao nibs, eaten just as they are on Monday's wander homeward or chopped on top of strawberries with a great big spoonful of coconut yoghurt.  I can't remember the last time i ate hazelnuts until recently and all of a sudden i can't think why?!  I'm eyeing up a jar of hazelnut butter in our local health food store since my peanut butter is almost empty.....

8.  Sleeping with hair that is ever so slightly damp on the most humid of Summer's nights.  The loveliest feeling ever!  There's nothing worse than not being able to sleep because it's too warm and humid!  Sleeping in your loosest cotton's with hair that's damp and smells of mint and coconuts is a little bit like heaven.  What wasn't so heavenly was what it looked like come 7am.  Thank goodness for point 3...

9.  Cooler showers.  They sort of go hand in hand with ^^^ but there really is nothing lovelier than a cool minty shower after the longest of warm, sticky days and the itchiest nose and eyes from forgetting to take hay-fever tablets.  

10.  First elderflower spotting!  Don't you love how the seasons flow from one into the other so seamlessly...?  Each year i love to watch the snowdrops sprout, then the daffodils peek through only for the wild garlic and bluebells to come into their own only weeks later.  Now it's elderflower time!  I'm loving seeing their sweet pom-pom-esque flowers brightening up what just seemed like green ordinary hedges before.  Their smell is pretty special too!  I haven't had any elderflower cordial this year yet, i must rectify that quick-march!!!
*  *  * 
And we're done!  Another week another dollar #wonderfulwednesday!  Who can believe we're almost half way through June already?!  If this sweet slice of happy pie doesn't quite float your boat or you're just hungry for more, hop skip or jump right on over to Jo, Michelle, Cat, Kate and Helen's blogs and fill your boots with their #wonderfulwednesday posts! Also don't forget to join in on social media by chit-chatting about your own #wonderfulwednesday.  I'm @sallytangle on both Twitter and Instagram!

Happy halfway though the week!


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