Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #219

{Because Monday-shaped sunshine is a blessing beyond belief!}

It's me!  Reporting for #wonderfulwednesday duty definitely with maybe one eye open and even more definitely counting down the hours until i can go to bed!  It's been such a long and busy week - the kind that feels like it should be so much further along than just Wednesday somehow.  Do you ever feel that way too?!  

I'm full of a horrid cold because i've been not being kind enough to myself and have been working too hard and too fast and i fear that the world is simply telling me to slow the fluff down and take care.  Fear not, operation 'Put Me {mostly!} First' is in full swing as of Now and i'll soon be back fighting fit before you know it. 

But without further ado, let's get-a-listin' shall we?!?  

1.  Raspberry ripple porridge.  That's right i'm going right in with the big guns this week!  You and i both know how very much i love my porridge-y breakfasts - there's nothing that brings me more comfort than a huge big bowl of the stuff for breakfast each day and it's something i'll never ever tire of!  This week i ran out bananas *feels the world rock as everyone gasps*.  YES I KNOW!  Truth be told i could have picked up some more but i like bananas from a certain place {they're The Nicest - believe me i know my bananas, some might say i could write a book on them! That's not cool is it? Is it?!}  *cough* and i think i'd rather have The Nicest Bananas than rubbish ones.  SO {i mean are you even still following?!} in a bid to make up for the fact i was lacking in my favourite porridge flavour {mashed banana and Maca powder incase you're interested} i tried something NEW. I know.  I mean i can be a trail blazer sometimes.  I let my oats and hazelnut milk and one scoop of Maca powder blip-blip away in the pan whilst i mashed up some 'almost-past-their-best' raspberries with a teaspoon of honey in my porridge bowl. When the porridge was creamy and cooked through i poured it on top of the raspberries with a heaped tablespoon of chia seeds and folded them through roughly.  It created the prettiest raspberry ripple porridge!  I finished it off with a great big zig-zag of peanut and coconut butter and some toasted coconut flakes and it was HEAVEN!

2.  The sweet scent of a sunny Spring morning after it's rained all night long:  All sweet, fresh and heady with the soft scent of wild garlic and the first buds of flora and the tail end of bluebells.  In a word:  Heaven.  I filled my little lungs with great big gulps of the stuff on Sunday mornings' bike ride to work and felt all the better for it whilst simultaneously wishing i could keep on riding and not go to work. 

3.   The Ultimate Chocolate Eclairs.  I mean are there ever four words that will catch your attention and stop you dead in your tracks more than those?!  I'm not sure if you know but i'm a bit of a chocoholic.  I mean i'm a fussy chocoholic - i like good chocolate and mostly the expensive kind too which actually come to think of it is really rather handy otherwise i'd have no teeth left if i could eat it all of the time.  BUT that does mean where anything and everything is mostly concerned:  Puddings, snacks - anythings - you can bet your bottom dollar i'll always choose a sweet option and i'll mostly always choose a chocolate 'Something' over anything else.  Last weekend we picked up Marks and Spencer's Ultimate Chocolate Eclairs as a treat for after supper and OH MY.  I felt so ridiculously happy and in some kind of delicious chocolatey coma for all of and a long while after.  Between you and I, it's taking all of the will in the world not to buy another packet already and it's only Tuesday.  They're a chocolate choux pastry eclair; filled with a dark chocolate creme patisserie and topped with the fudgiest most deliciously decadent milk, white and dark chocolate ganache across the top.  If like me you ADORE chocolate you MUST try them QUICK.  They equal instant joy!

4.   That heavy kind of 'feeling a bit under the weather sleep' that only comes from sleeping in your softest pyjamas with a pair of fluffy socks {yes i know it's Spring}, a few drops of eucalyptus oil on your pillow and the window open.  The kind where you wake up, not having even moved an inch; don't know your own name or what day or time it is and only that you feel ridiculously better than you did when you went to bed.  Sleep is the ultimate fixer for sure.

5.   Blusher.  I never understand people who say that they either don't like blusher or that they prefer bronzer.  How can you not like having a rosey flush?!  And what's the point of bronzing any part of your face when the rest of your body is paler than a milk bottle and the only sign you've ever been in any kind of sunlight full stop is the sweet scattering of freckles on your arms and across your nose.  The jig is up!  This week a gentle dust of rose pink blusher on the apples of my cheeks has been bringing life to that sleepy little face of mine!  And distracting from my red nose....

6.  The most delicious box of things to munch.  And leftovers too!  There's a certain kind of happiness that comes from using up everything in your weekly shop and being creative right down to the very last wilting leaf of lettuce.  I always find it an enjoyable challenge {i know, i'm that cool} as it forces me to be creative and i love being creative.  I often make sauce and freeze the leftovers to use as the base for other things.  I put homemade pesto into ice cube trays and wilting herbs are also fired into ice-cube trays - sometimes with soggy chunks of raspberry or strawberry, or wedges of lime and sliced ginger- they make great water 'spicer-uppers.'  This week i fired torn up mint leaves, the last few chunks of a massive cucumber, some grated beetroot and sliced leftover strawberries alongside some black sesame seeds and ate the lot of them altogether with my sandwich on Tuesday.  It was like a little tub of Summer AND it emptied the last few odds and ends from the fridge before our mid-week, weekly shop.  HURRAH!

7.   Impromptu family time.  I've been the tiredest soul that there ever was lately and sometimes when i feel that way, once i get home i just want to curl up with my book on the sofa and be just by myself.  At the weekend we drove up to my parents in Scotland straight after i finished work.  My heart wanted to go but my head and 'self' was beyond sleepy!  A sunny drive north with the Mr - leaving the city behind and driving into the 'green' along the coast fixed me beyond belief and once we got there we had the LOVELIEST couple of hours of catch ups and laughs and lovely food and chat.  Family time really is the most precious of things!

8.  Cosy cardigans:  Slung over faded grey tees with slouchy jeans after work; wrapped around shoulders with damp coconut-ey scented hair and pyjamas of an evening or even worn first thing in the morning; sipping Lady Grey in the garden with only the early morning sun and couple of wood pigeons for company.  It's my cosy go-to for whenever and whatever!  Tell me, do you have something you wear that instantly makes you feel better and works with anything and everything...?!

*  *  * 

Golly GOSH and we're all done and dusted and i'm still awake!  Running on who-knows-what {but i'm betting it's mostly all about the tea} but i'm here and we're done and there's only one more day at work and then there's SIX of them off and all to myself for sleeping and eating crumpets and breathing in as much fresh air as my little lungs can manage!  HURRAH!

Go go and hop and-a-skip right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's - my very FAVOURITE gang of #wonderfulwednesday -ers and get lost in another handful of grateful and happy lists!  You must!  Writing and reading these kinds of posts in equal measure is magic for the soul and is even more 'fixing' than any super-hero cosy cardigan cape or millionth mug of something hot, trust me! 

Until next time...

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #218

{When you want to remember a moment forever...}
I don't think there's anyone in the whole of the United Kingdom that hasn't been rejoicing about basking in, scampering about in and generally frolicking with wild abandon in the glorious double-digit sunshine that we were lucky to have over last weekends' long Bank Holiday weekend.  I mean i worked most of it and i took every given opportunity to be outside!  Thank goodness for longer lighter evenings and sunlight from 5am!  I feel one million percent {and more!} better for a jolly great dose of vitamin D, don't you?!  

As i type {sat in my usual spot and my usual Tuesday evening slot} the sun and warmth that came with it as been all but abandoned in favour of grey skies and the odd rain shower.  But i don't even care!  I'm still riding on the euphoria that a few days of interrupted sunshine brings and as such, this weeks list has quite predictably come to me quite easily.... 

1.  Gardening.  Now i won't profess to actually be any good at the thing but i do love it so!  I'm getting better and since last years very first attempt with my very own patch of green to call my own {Albeit a little square of grass and a patio. But there are french doors, and it's south-facing and has the prettiest old Sycamore tree right at the bottom along with a beautiful Elderflower bush too!}.  I've learnt from what didn't work so well then,  and this year i'm going to be even better!  But it's not even that - the 'being better' isn't 'It.'  It's lovely to learn something new; to nurture something from being a teeny tiny sproutling {i'm making that a 'thing' FYI} into something that i hope will be beautiful and all my own doing. It's the quiet and the tinkering around and about with terracota pots on a light, balmy 'almost feels like summer' evening with only a pair of wood pigeons for company. Maybe i'm old before my time...

2.  The scent of a warm evening.  Nothing like a Spring one.  More.....sweet, balmy, slow and sleepy.  The kind of evening where you linger, loll and laze about even - maybe grab a watering can and stand on the patio in your bare feet and pyjamas with hair damp from a coconut-ty shower, watering pots galore with nothing to hear but birdsong and a gentle breeze tickling the leaves on the giant sycamore tree at the very bottom of the garden.  Bliss!

3.  Hummus. This weeks yellow split pea and turmeric spread on anything and everything as a quick 'can't be bothered/don't have the energy' sort of a snack.  With a little {read: not very much at all quite frankly} effort; spread lavishly across toasted sourdough and piled high with slow roasted baby tomatoes from the windowsill, tossed in leftover torn up basil leaves and salted and peppered too.  That's Summer supper on a plate right there dontcha' know?  Sometimes even just eaten straight out of a tub with icy cold chunks of cucumber sprinkled in black sesame seeds.  

4.   Almost bare 'Everything' sleeping.  You can't beat the feeling of cool cotton bed-linen against your skin almost as much as you can't beat the first hop and a skip right back into sleeping in pyjamas as Summer slips away.  That mixed with a wide open window and a cool breeze makes heavenly dreams.  This time of year somehow makes me need less sleep somehow too.  I've been naturally eased awake by the birdsong most mornings this week at 5:30am and have felt oddly rested and peaceful; not thrust into a dark early morning.  That said i've been curling right back up and cat-napping until my 6:30am alarm because i fear if i got up that early my tummy might expect lunch at 10am....

5.  Freckles.  Only a few moments even thinking about sunshine and the little devils dot, dot, dot themselves across my arms and you can bet your bottom dollar they'll be a few hidden under the dusting of blusher on my rosy cheeks.  I spent most of my teen years hating them:  covering them up at every given chance and wishing them away more often than i'd care to say.  But now we're best of friends.  Mostly because as soon as they appear i can get away with even less make-up.... mwahahahahaaaaa...

6.   When nature takes your breath away.  If you're me then that's all of the time.  Do you ever sit and wonder and think about how amazing the world is?! As cheesy and as maybe daf-  WAIT! No it's not silly or daft.  I love the way the seasons change, how much that impacts, affects and changes the littlest most special of things.  How all of those little things are intrinsically linked to mean that day can become night and Sunday can become Monday, May can become June and so on and so forth.  Infact if i sit and think about it too long i feel like i've fallen down a little bit of a rabbit hole!  

On Sunday evening, i cycled home from work via the park.  It was twenty-two degrees when i left work and the sky was a brilliant blue and not a cloud could be seen.  I last visited the park oooonnnn, Friday maybe?  The verges were a vast blanket of green:  Nettles, tiny sprigs of baby cow parsley yet to flower and a blanket of wild garlic leaves.  In just two days they'd become a riot of colour and an almost-overnight meadow of brilliant white wild garlic flowers, cow parsley flowers and white and blue bluebells.  I must have stood for a good ten minutes just taking it all in.  I wish you could press pause for those kinds of moments:  the kind where nature knocks you a little bit sideways.  I naturally did the next best and probably most millenial thing instead:  I saved it to my Insta-Stories.... {HERE}.

7.  Wisteria.  The very first spotting of the stuff:  Dots of beautiful lilac blooms just starting to unfurl; twisting and turning up the front of one of my favourite houses on my wander home.  I'd love a tangle of Wisteria across the front of our house but wouldn't even know where to begin growing or planting one.  I'm dipping my more green than last year green fingers  toes in with 'Climbers' with a baby honeysuckle bush i bought at the weekend.  He's been re-potted into a big terracotta pot and is happily sat next to a tangle of sweet-peas that i hope will give me sweetly scented blooms all Summer long...

*  *  *

And i'm DONE!  All loved and listed up for another seven days!  Consider this your mid-week rocket fuel to see you through until the weekend.  Can we all hope and pray it's just as nice as the one we've just had?  Please?!  'Cos wasn't it the best of our lives?!  I mean i say this and i worked most of it so i can only begin to imagine how ridiculously dreamy it was if you snagged the whole bank holiday off work *begins search for typical 9am-5pm office job*.  I jest!  

Since as i've got you here, why not skip right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's and catch up on the best bits of their 'Lately?'  Let's reminisce about that golden sunshine and magical light altogether shall we.  Better still if you got some spare, send us some north - it's decidedly chilly and that blue sky has all but vanished in favour of a heavy rain shower or three.  It smells pretty out there though....

Sending all of the love!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #217

 {If ever there was a time of year to simply look up more...}
Oh well hello there.  How the devil do you do?!  I write this lovely letter post to you after feeling like i have walked and cycled approximately ALL the live long day and feel THE most spaghetti-legged that i ever have.  I think the fact that it's bloomin' windy out there has done nothing in aiding the whole aero-dynamics of everything either and what i'm left with are lessy-legs and feeling like i could eat the whole of our weekly grocery shop that we've just completed.  Yes.  All of it.  I think i might still be hungry afterwards too.  

Ravenous-ness aside i'm doing pretty well.  I've had a few days off in a row from work {always a recipe for clear skin, less dark under eye circles and many crumpets consumed and mugs of Lady Grey drank - ie:  My idea of a good time} and there's been sunshine {albeit icy, 6 degree sunshine} and lots of sleeping and bike riding and making nice things to eat and predictably leaving all kinds of less-fun 'stuff' to my last day off {tomorrow} such as Depop-ing half of my wardrobe, pesky weeding in the garden and hoovering.  But it's all about balance.....

Let's get our list-on!  

1.  Basil.  I mean to be honest i tend to think of Basil as more of Summer herb BUT sometimes i just really crave something and lately; this has been IT.  Maybe it was last weeks pesto-chat {oh MY my wild, wild life}, who knows!  This week i've been tearing up the stuff into anything and everything.  It's been {predictably!} tossed through quinoa and olive bolognese at the last moment alongside a generous glug of olive oil.  I've been loving just eating it raw in tomato and rocket salad AND i had strawberries and ricotta on toast the other day for lunch and the addition of ground black pepper and torn up basil leaves just made the whole dish!

2.  From line, to bed.  Yes that's right here i am back harping on about line-dried laundry but THAT SMELL  - well if only i could bottle it you can bet your bottom dollar i'd wear nothing else!  On Sunday i managed to wash our duvet and towels AND put said duvet, sheets and pillowcases back on the bed after my early evening shower.  Not only did i feel a little bit like a domestic goddess x 100 BUT the smell!!!  Falling asleep in clean pyjamas after a steamy shower underneath a duvet that had been line-dried in the the fresh air.  There are NO WORDS.  Well you know except the fair few i've just tip-tapped out to you....*cough*

3.   Reliving the past.  In so many instances you're told to move forward, forget the past and keep on.....keeping on.  One huge exception to the rule {in my book at least!} is with music.  I can't even put into words how much i love it when a song just pops into your every day and takes you right back to the last time you listened to it.  The mark of a beautiful song, whatever genre; and it's power to take you somewhere - to make you travel on a journey and to tug at your heart strings:  Happy or sad.  That is just a magical feeling, don't you think?! This week i stumbled across some old CD's:  Razorlight's 'Golden Touch' and a couple of old Arcade Fire ones and suddenly i was back at uni, not caring about any kind of tomorrow and only about dancing until my legs ached and singing until my throat was too croaky to manage anymore.  Of course i studied hard *cough*.  Naturally i've added everything to my Spotify and i'm enjoying power-walking to and from home singing 'Golden Touch' by Razorlight pretty much on loop.  Sorry neighbours!

4.  Florence. I mean it's really in a very similar vein to the above point but it's my #wonderfulwednesday and i'll cry if i want to  have two points that are very similar right next to each other if i flippin' well want to!  Have you listened to Florence and the Machine's new song?  {listen here} Do.  Please do!  There's no one else that can tug at my heart strings more than her and that voice. I sometimes struggle to sing her songs myself because my voice just goes and my eyes over flow with tears.  Does anyone else get you like this?!  I'd love to know.   

5. The scent of bluebells.  Nothing says Spring quite like it.  It's only really been this week that our forests and pathways have sprung to life with a brilliant violet blanket of bluebells and the smell is HEAVEN:  All fresh and green and florally-good.  

6.   White cotton tops.  Okay so maybe worn with frayed and well-loved indigo jeans and sometimes still boots, a chunky cardigan and a green slouchy army jacket and not quite in the bare-ankled, cropped jeans and sandals and sunnies way that i had anticipated but Spring-like and joy-filled all of the same.  Have you got an outfit that makes you feel all Spring-like too?!

7.   Freshly washed hair.  Even if it takes all of the will in the world and all of every scrap of energy i have to be bothered to wash it {yes i'm that person} and to stop giving in to the 'not-so-catchy' mantra of  'Well what's another day of dry shampoo?' The second i step in the shower and start to wash my hair, it's suddenly all worth it.  There really isn't anything i love more than the smell of freshly washed hair.  You just can't beat it!

8.   Feeling exhausted.  Not my usual 'exhausted from work' sort of exhausted either:  No the 'I've cycled and walked so much that my legs are aching in the very best possible way and my little heart is thumping in my chest and i feel like i could move MOUNTAINS' sort of an exhausted.  Which is funny really as sometimes i struggle to open a new jar of peanut butter....  When i use to do be made to do cross country at school, my teacher would tell me that one day i'd learn to love that thumping in my chest and aching of my legs and i would forever argue that i never ever in a million years would {whilst trying every excuse in the book to not have to do it each week}.  Turns out i just needed to find my thing.  Running is not it.  Cycling and walking though?  I've got all the time in the whole wide world for cycling and walking as much as i can in the fresh air.  

9.  New sunnies.  So what if i mostly wear them to keep my hair back off my face and then forget where they are and spend a large proportion of the time either a)looking for them or b)not even realising they're there to start with?!?!  I picked up these tortoise-shell ones from Topshop and when i do remember to wear them i feel ALL kinds of cool and sassy!  Now if i could just book a good spell of consistent sunshine that would be great thanks.....

*  *  *
And with a blink of an eye {that's a bit of a white lie.  I wrote this weeks post over several hours, with several millions cups of tea in between; a lovely open window and experimented by writing the middle, followed by the end and then the beginning.  I like living on the edge.  I probably won't do that again.  I feel a bit like i have been on a fast spin in a washing machine.} we're all done for another week:  All lovingly listed out.  Don't forget the rest of the ever-lovely #wonderfulwednesday gang:  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's  who also share their very own #wonderfulwednesday -shaped happy list.  ALSO don't forget to give either one of us a nudge or leave a comment below if you write your own or something similar - i will forever love a happy list and there's no such thing as too many if you ask me!

Until next time...

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #216

 {Wild garlic as far as the eye can see...}

Oh well HELLO THERE.  So kind of you to pop by and read along with this weeks #wonderfulwednesday list!  If you read this early-doors i'll be all curled up asleep as today is my unscheduled day off.  I do like a day off-shaped surprise.  Especially when i was convinced i was working for eight days in a row and now have only worked a total of five. Hurrah!  I'll mostly be catching up on jobs, willing the rain to buzz off so i can get out for some fresh air with my two-wheeled partner in crime and doing a little bit of Spring cleaning.  If the rain hangs around i'll no doubt go for a walk and buy myself some fresh flowers because #yolo.  How has you week been?!?  Catch me up!
In the mean time let's get listin'....

1.  Sleeping with the window open.  Maybe i'm late to this wild party but it's been too blinking cold to have any kind of window open when there's no certainty of sunshine on the horizon!  Until these past few days.  I mean after last weekends short, sweet burst of almost 20 degrees {albeit for one day only!} i've been almost lulled into a false sense of security summer where the weather has been concerned.  I mean it's been 10 degrees at best but i don't care.  The air smells like only Spring can:  All grassy-green, fresh and clean - and so i'm just working with what i've got.  Nothing beats the smell of a Spring evening as you drift off to sleep.  Is there any better lullaby than the sounds of the trees and the distant hum of a sleepy Spring night?!?

2.  Rhubarb and custard.  You know when you just get a notion for something?! I've eaten neither in their true and actual capacity since as no supermarket or green grocer near me seems to have any of the stuff.  I thought it was still around and about but alas, maybe i have missed the Spring rhubarb flourish!  I am being spoilt by having some freshly picked stuff from a friends garden at the end of the week {cross ALL of the things!} but until then i'm getting my rhubarb and custard 'fix' anywhere else i can!  Namely in my breakfast:  Creamy almond milk porridge cooked with vanilla and topped with sour rhubarb jam, a great big zig-zag of peanut butter and as much toasted coconut as i can get away with!  I mean it's not a crumble but it'll do for now.  OH!  I should also tell you that the 'Nakd Rhubarb and Custard' bars are the bees knees also.  Oh OH!  AS is Yeo Valley rhubarb yoghurt.  I mean don't feel sorry for me anytime soon...i'm getting by....

3.  A fresh fringe.  I mean a fringe trim is as good as a face-lift and a haircut if you ask me; only with far less.....mess and worrying!  |The best thing i ever did was a) get said fringe {covers a multitude of spots sometimes sins} and b) jump right on in and learn to cut it myself.  Heavens i'd be at the hairdressers every other week if i had to get someone else to do it!  There's nothing like a lovely straight fringe to completely perk you up and make you look far more like 'you' again.

4.  Mantras.  Words to live by.  Sayings.  Oh heavens knows what you call them but earlier on this week the ever lovely Peta {fellow #wonderfulwednesday writer and loveliest lady in the whole of the world wide web, no really} posted a quote that really and truly resonated with me:  'I am me and you are you.'  Isn't that brilliant?!  I spend so much of forever wishing i looked like that person, wrote like this person, had the clever-ness of who knows what person, could cook 'xyz' like who knows who.....the list is exhausting but this little snappy phrase isn't.  And i love it.  Thank you darling Peta!

5.  Various pestos.  Who knew there were so many?!?  I mean i've made standard pesto for years and love using it through fresh pasta, tossed through warm baby new potatoes or drizzled on roast veg right at the last minute, even swirled on top of a summer veggie omelette BUT who knew you could make pesto from...*drum roll* {are you ready because i'm currently planning on eating pesto for the foreseeable...}:  Carrot tops {yep that green bit you throw away}; watercress {peppery wonderful-ness - i imagine it would be lovely with fresh dill thrown in too and served with fish}; kale pesto {bloody LOVE kale - i think this would be extra yum served with a squeeze of fresh lemon and maybe even crumbled feta on top at the last minute};  cavelo nero {pretty kale-ish - heavens maybe you could be a rebel and mix the two!!} and eeeven avocado and rocket together {creamy and peppery and apparently extra delicious with fresh lemon and ricotta at the last moment}.  Be right back.....i'm just off out to stock up on ALL of those things....

6.   A new plant mister.  That's right, now i'm a real grown up.  Is that even what they're called?!  Who knows.  This week i reached the dizzying heights and absolute epitome of green-fingered chic by ordering a sweet little golden plant mister.  For our three house plants.  Who i haven't killed yet.  Have i told you that i haven't killed our THREE house plants yet?!  Oh what i already said that?!  Sorry i'm just excited.....

7.  Carrot falafels.  AKA:  chopped onion and garlic, smooshed up leftover roast carrots, equally smooshed up leftover chickpeas; a whole host of spices {ground coriander, cumin and a little mixed Italian spices} made into sweet little balls, rolled in seasoned polenta and baked for fifteen minutes or so.  Served with a rocket-y, coriander-y salad and more houmous than is probably socially acceptable.  HEAVEN.  

8.  Planting.  Since ordering said plant mister i'm obviously now convinced i have the skills and know-how to create and grow a vast menagerie of plants and flowers.  You know, instead of just buying plants and....planting them.  So far i've planted peas and sweet-peas indoors aaaand Anemones and wildflowers in the garden.  Please cross your fingers and toes for the outside plants to actually grow.  Don't worry yourself about the peas and sweet-peas as both are currently taking over the kitchen wondow-sill and growing at break-neck speed.  So much so that i'm quite worried i'll wake up to a kitchen in bloom and a window blind that has un-intentionally become a garden trellis overnight without any choice in the matter......Is it too soon to plant eager-beaver sweet-peas outside yet?!?!?  Asking for a friend....
*  *  *

And i'm-a DONE!  What.  A.  List!  And it's made me hungry.  I'm off downstairs to sulk at the lack of creative pesto in the kitchen {could be a day off job for tomorrow me thinks} and cobble together something with leftover carrot falafels; a lemon-y parsely dressing and far too many green vegetables to mention.  I'm sure something'll come together.

Don't go forgetting to hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's  blogs and catch up with their very own #wonderfulwednesday weekly installments.  Because who can ever read too many happy lists?!!  I mean is there even such a thing?!?

See you next week you lovely lot! 



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