Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #132

 {When it's really is VERY beautiful!}
Oh my WORD what IS this weather?!?  That's right I'm going all 'cliche Brit' on you and throwing the weather talk at you from the get-go.  But i mean really.  My hair resembles 'Side Show Bob', my face is as shiny {and probably just as round!} as the moon and my energy levels?  Well they're not where they were last week let's put it that way.  It's weeks like these that I'm grateful for this space and this post and for being able to give myself my usual hour on a Tuesday night to sit and ponder about my week so far; to dig deep{sometimes really deep - I'm only human afterall} and pull out and record those little moments of greatness that would have otherwise got lost in yet another week.  Which, may i add seem to be just merging into one another at rocket-speed of late.  I feel as if my feet have barely touched the ground!  Can you believe that we are on the brink of September?!?  That means it's 'technically' almost Au-...No I'm sorry i can't say it yet i just can't!  
Let's talk happy things....

1. Stranger Things.  I wont go into the ins and outs of why everyone on EARTH should watch this TV show except to say:  WATCH IT!  I'm SUCH a tough crowd when it comes to TV and i really find something has to be extra fab and super and down right kick-ass if it's to hold my attention past ten minutes, let alone a whole series.  If you loved the Goonies, The XFiles and anything Stephen King and Eighties TV related this is right up your pipe.

2.  A white tee.  Like striped tees i own about a million, no jokes.  Still i return to the same one:  ripped a little on the seam {but just pretend you didn't notice ok?}, seams all skew-iff from being worn to death and fabric a little more see-through than I'd like BUT it's my favourite ever white tee.  Nothing has ever come close and if I'd known then what i know now, I'd have bought seven.  Honestly.  It's my fail-safe when everything else is too tired to make sense and i just want to feel together, cosy and comfy.  This week it's been worn ALOT. In fact I'm writing it as we speak/type/catch up....

3.  Dried apricots.  We've got a love/hate kind of relationship if I'm honest and lately it seems all kinds of crazy even contemplating eating dried apricots when there are fresh ones in season and all yummy and juicy BUT, and there's always a but:  The other evening i was looking for something exciting to pep up some cous-cous and cinnamon spiced sweet potato wedges and suddenly sticky dried apricots, a couple of left over dates and some stray sultanas came to the rescue.  With a squeeze of orange juice and some grated orange zest the whole meal was the bees knees.  I've been munching the devils whenever i get a sweet craving ever since.  I'm rather loving them dipped in almond butter too...

4.  Summer rain.  In fairness since the weekends wet and dreary weather i shouldn't complain about the warmer days.  I'm never happy am i?!?  You just can't beat the scent and feeling that a good summer downpour brings though you really can't.  It's the only time of year that the rain smells that good and if you've nowhere else to be, that actually it feels rather lovely to get absolutely drenched and scamper home and eat tea and biscuits!

5.  Sisters.  Because no matter what there's nobody that knows you better.  I don't see enough of mine, which hopefully is about to change since we are now only three streets apart {THREE!}.  She's forever on my side and someone i just don't know how I'd do without.  It's both the strangest and most comforting to see so much of yourself in another person and yet so much difference.  I feel ever so lucky to have that girl in my life!
6.  The thought of making a banana bread.   It's something we love and yet it's been SO long since we made one!  I love it still warm from the oven before bed with a hot spiced chai tea or toasted lightly the morning or two after and slathered generously with nut butter and sunflower seeds.  Mmmmmm!

7.  The yellow-ist bush that there ever was.  I've barely looked at our garden since we moved in.  Luckily the back is grassy with a little patio and i've managed and successfully transported at the sweet terracotta plant pots from our flat's yard to our new patio. Out front we've just a drive a  little patch of soil under our kitchen window.  I've got grand plans to plant a Hydrangea bush there but i need to read up on the best time to do that and i'm thinking it might be a job for next year...?  At the moment that little patch is filled with a happiest looking bush of bright yellow flowers!  I haven't a clue what they are but they've not stopped being in bloom since we moved in and attract the sweetest collection of bumble bees and butterflies! It's the loveliest sight when you come home or when you're pottering about in the kitchen tidying up after dinner.  Afterall, is there a happier colour than yellow?!?

8.  Blankets.  I know i know that technically it's still Summer but for a brief moment the other evening i was cold and tired and so i lit my favourite scented candle, snuggled under the blanket on the sofa and watched re-runs of Nigel Slater on Sky and i was The Cosiest!

9.  Dark chocolate covered mini corn cakes.  I've never been a rice cake fan.  There's just not enough....substance somehow?!  Oh no, give me an oatcake or a cracker any day!  Until i discovered corncakes.  Even better, corncakes covered in dark chocolate.  All the moreish-ness of popcorn with the delicious-ness of a little-but-just-enough chocolate. They're my before-bed snack of choice most nights....

*  *  *

And that's a wrap:  Quick as a flash; whizz, bang, bong and ting:  We're done for another week!  Do fire all of your happy bits from this week so far below in the comments box or join in online with all of the #wonderfulwednesday chit-chat on Twitter and Instagram, i'm @sallytangle on both.  BETTER STILL get right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Kate, Cat, Sam and Kerri's blogs for even more #wonderfulwednesday -shaped greatness!!!

Have a super lovely rest of the week!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #131

{Oh, that?  It had me at 'heart-shaped'}
Hello!  How have you been?!  Frazzled by The Heat Wave yet?!  No just me then?  I've come to the conclusion that my ideal 'happy temperature' is around the 18-20 degree mark.  To me, that's enough warmth to feel summery without resembling a beetroot or fiercely boiled lobster!  I've stopped wasting my time wishing that i tanned because i've realised that even if i did, it would never happen since my attention span and 20degree + temperature toleration is, well zilch.  But it's okay i've come to terms with it and what, it's only taken me just over thirty years!  Today's post also comes at you with another stark realisation.  Remember last week i had my lovely few days off and i was basking at fannying and faffing and simply mooching to my little hearts content? Well i went back to work all fresh as a daisy on Friday last week and I.  Was.  Useless.  I couldn't muster up any kind of energy, enthusiasm or beans to get anywhere fast with anything.  
But today, you join me after five days back, cream crackered and barely able to utter my own name but man, i've nailed this week so far!  I've NAILED IT!  I'd punch the air if a) i was cool enough and b) if i could be bothered enough to lift up my arm.
Let's talk happy.....
1.  New TV.  I know i know like everyone man and{?!} we decided to give Netflix series 'Stranger Things' a go and HELLS BELLS it's a good one!  Please please no spoilers!!!! But if you haven't watched it yet and loved The Goonies {does it remind anyone else a little bit of The Goonies?} and Sci-Fi and a little hint of XFiles then go, go, go!  You'll love it!
2.  Porridge and peanut butter.  Probably the most inappropriate weather sort of a sentence i can utter lately BUT on Monday and Tuesday when we were due to do a food shop and it was all i had to cobble together {with the welcome addition of an at first assumed {wrongly!} overripe mashed banana} for breakfast, it really hit the spot!  I'm not entirely sure it wasn't mostly responsible for my super powers and 'get stuff done' mojo that's been with me this week!
3.  Cobbled together lunches.  See above^^^.  I raided the fridge yesterday morning cramming into a packed lunch box the leftovers of a minty bean-y salad, some sprouted lentils and beans, and some leftover pesto-y roasted veg and took it with me alongside a very questionable flat bread from the weekend.  Oh and a little crumbled feta too.  I forgot about that!  Do you know what, it was the yummiest lunch i've had in ages and it was just what i wanted on a sticky, hot Tuesday too.
4.  Mirror-finding.  I've been after a mirror for our hallway for ages.  Oh i know what you're thinking, "Sally have you still not found a new wardrobe yet?"  No, no i haven't have i?!  But this blinking beautiful mirror is distracting me from such awfully mundane-ness and I'm excited for it to arrive so i can squirrel a sprig of eucalyptus leaf behind it.  I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately.....
5.   Vegetable curry. Okay this was technically created at the weekend but since i worked all of it and haven't been off since I'm allowed to sneak this one in!  Made entirely from scratch, by me and served with cauliflower rice and a great big dollop of natural yoghurt.  It doesn't matter if the Mr told me how it would be delicious with lamb in or that he preferred Basmati rice because i flippin' LOVED it and was so damned proud of myself!  I ground spices, made a paste and filled it with peppers, spinach, red lentils and courgette and it was the best vegetable curry i've ever had!!!  Hurrah for me! And for leftovers later in the week.....ho ho hoooo!
6.  An old perfume.  I'm a fussy madam when it comes to perfume and i haven't really worn any in a little while since my last bottle finished and i couldn't find anymore.  Then i stumbled upon one of my all-time favourite scents:  Philosophy Baby Grace and had to grab some.  I love how familiar 'your' perfume can make you feel.  I've been delighting getting a gentle scent wherever i go and smelling it on my favourite scarves and jackets.   
7. Sunlight.  It's a no-brainer and maybe a little contradictory BUT isn't it the best?!  In my defence I'm not even talking about the cloud-less bright blue 'gotta cover your eyes' and 'can't look at it' type you get on a hot, hot, hot summer day.  No, my favourite is 'Lately's' hour or so before the sun sets:  That golden glow that touches everywhere, that creates gentle whisps and whooshes of cloud pattern and leaves in its wake, a distinctly 'Real Summer Evening' smell you just can't beat.  All cut grass, dry ground and.....parched earth..?  I'm really selling it aren't i?!?!?
8.  Getting stuff done.  That unmistakable feeling of achieving things.  I'm a lot too hard on myself where work is concerned.  I'm never happy with my day's 'lot' and I'm too often focusing on what i didn't get done.  I'm aware of that though and this weeks celebration of kicking arse needs to be remembered for me to keep up the momentum and remember that put simply:  I can do what i put my mind to.  If you know i allow realistic time-frames blah blah blah....
9.  Day three.  Because as i've discovered {this has also taken me roughly thirty something years to discover!} that is the number of days after my hair has been washed that it looks at it's very best:  Not too soft, not too done and just the right amount of messy.  It's had just a whisper of dry shampoo and i can do anything with it!  Probably even conquer the world!  At least that sometimes what 'Day Three" hair feels like and i feel like that's worth celebrating!
10.  Dipping biscuits in tea.  Who knows why i haven't done it in SO long but the notion occurred to me mid way through a spiced cinnamon and apple-y oaty M&S creation and dipping it right into a cup of spiced Chai might have been this weeks' very best decision...
*  *  *
And whooosh just like THAT we're all done!  Incase this dose of happy isn't quite enough for you, scamper right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Kate, Cat, Sam and Kerri's blog's and fill your #wonderfulwednesday boots!  Personally i can never get enough, i look forward to reading these gals posts each and every week and also to reading your lovely comments too!  Let us know what's making your week so snazzy on social media channels using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all join in together!  
Have a super duper lovely rest of week all! 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #130

{Living the dream!  If only i was joking...}
I sat down to tip-tap this weeks' #wonderfulwednesday out and i actually feel a little bit overwhelmed that I'm on number 130!!!  That's a heck-of-a-lot of happy no?  It's a little bit crazy to think that i've sat, just as i am doing right now; and collected the very best parts of my week and shared them with you all.  Along the way I've also collected some #wonderfulwednesday chums too!  Which is even more ker-azzeeey!  That's something to celebrate in itself - I'm not sure I'm usually the sort of gal to inspire others!  Well unless it's regarding porridge recipes or what to buy in Anthropologie.  I'm trying so hard not to fill a huge and whopping online basket from there lately - their house-y things are my favourite!

I'm slipping off 'piste' as per!  This week so far has been glorious!  I've been lucky enough to be off work siiiiince......last Friday?  It was more than needed i can tell you.  I love to be an extra busy bee but i find it so hard to stop.  I cram in so much to my days {hello completing two things off your to-do list and adding three more} that i end most days feeling ready for nothing but food and sleep!  This week has been mildly productive.  Mildly since i have 'pottered' and 'faffed' {two of my favourite things!} rather a lot BUT i've also finally found some living-room curtains, sorted out an outfit for an up and coming wedding and had a good old Spring Summer clean!  I've also dried a lot of washing on our washing line.  I think our neighbours might be starting to think it's some kind of second there's a thought....  But wait! We're here to chit-chat about what else has been great this week and not any kind of career-shaped change!

1.  Beyonce.  But i mean old Beyonce.  Sorry if you're a super-duper die-hard 'Bey can do wrong' sort of fan but truth is, a couple of years ago I'd be right up there with you.  The last eighteen months though..?  Gal gone right down hill.  This week {and right now as i type..} i've been loving singing and shaking my little bottom around our house to some good old-fashioned Beyonce classics.  I might have careered way back when to a little DC too...{that's Destiny's Child to anyone who wonders...}.  

2.  Crumpets.  So i created a bit of a breakfast-shaped hysteria on Instagram with Monday's {and as it happens, every day this week} breakfast:  Sourdough crumpets.  Courtesy of non other than, of course M&S.  Called 'The Ultimate Crumpets' we've been hooked on the devils for some time now.  We can often be found slathering them in marmalade for Sunday breakfast, piling them high with scrambled eggs for lunch or naughtily spread generously with Nutella if the fancy takes us.  This week i've been spreading mine with Meridian Peanut and Coconut butter {- can i just say i never ever thought that any peanut butter could beat their organic crunchy.  However this  stuff is the bees knees thank you please!} and piling them high with sliced banana.  A true breakfast of champions if ever there was one!

3.  Mornings.  So before we moved, if i was off the Mr would often start later.  He only worked moments away and round the corner {sometimes a little bit too handy if you ask me...} but now he has to make more of an effort {and a ten minute car journey} at a reasonable time or risk paying roughly a million pounds for parking in a bin {i exaggerate} it's meant my mornings have {even though i have been off work} started a lot earlier than they usually would have.  But mornings have always been my thing and I'm loving getting jobs done much earlier and my earlier morning visits to the park on those two wheels.  It's meant everywhere has been so much quieter and more peaceful.  I'm not a hermit or an old lady i promise....

4.  Swallow watching.  I like to sit and watch the birds.  Oh wait what was i saying about not being an old lady...?!?!?  I can usually be found sat cross-legged in front of our french doors watching the starlings.  There's something quite calming about it don't you think?!  My early morning park jaunts have meant a little bit of sneaky swallow watching!  They might be my favourite to watch:  All swishes and swoops and loop-the-loops close to the ground and right up, up up and away into the sky and so faraway that they look like little dots!  There's something quite lovely about it all if you ask me.  

5.  Pesto-in.  Is there a greater invention than Pesto?!  Lately it's been thrown into anything and everything imaginable which actually is a great achievement in itself given that only a few months ago i remember the Mr telling me that he didn't like Pesto.  Ho, ho, ho....There's some kind of small satisfaction in bringing someone else round to your way of thinking.  Usually done with such subtlety like 'Yes but haven't tried it the way that I make it' etc etc.  It's been used to snazz-up a 'what's left in the fridge before food shop Tuesday' sort of veg-roasting marathon.  I stirred it thought once everything was suitably charred and crispy {hello crispy roasted pointed peppers!} and added a great big handful of left-over 'past it's best' spinach for extra 'green-ness' and gave it a jolly good stir up and it was/still is, YUM.  It's also been enjoyed on pizza instead of passata and I'm actually kind of wondering if it would work spread on toasted crumpets before they're scattered with white cheddar and grilled....?!  OR ON HALLOUMI!!!!!!!  I am getting far too excited by this Pesto-malarkey....

6.  Actual CD's.  I know remember those little devils?!?  When we moved i discovered a whole box of CD's that had barely seen the light of day since i don't know when! It's so easy {and great!} to be able to get music so freely and easily nowadays but equally there's something so lovely about looking back over old CD's.  They sort of map out the musical journey you took...somehow...?!  I'm currently burning a couple into my I Tunes library as we speak.  I cannot remember the last time i did that....

7.  Getting an un-expected 20% off a beautiful candle i debated even actually buying because a) i don't actually need it and b) you know, I've got no wardrobe still sooooo....  Turns out i should read what this bloody 'Sparks' card i've got does at some point instead of just swipe, swipe swipin' it through each time i sneak in for those crumpets!!!!

8.  Peppermint tea.  I never even touched herbal tea when i was growing up.   We drank good old Yorkshire Tea with milk and one sugar and i thought i was being all crazy and adventurous when i discovered Earl Gray during my uni days. That's right folks, i must have been the only student who discovered Earl Grey at uni and not.....oh i don't know Red Bull or something equally grotty.  Now i couldn't get through a day without both Peppermint and Camomile tea.  If I'm off work i always drink Peppermint tea in the afternoon, it's such an energizing, easy-drinking and comforting tea whilst also having added tummy-fixing benefits to boot!  And i rarely scamper up the 'Apples and Pears' without my favourite floral mug of camomile and honey.  It's also a great way to up the old hydration when it gets cooler or if you get a little bored of just sipping on plain H2o.  I might just check myself into a little granny flat before it's too late......
*  *  *  
And that's it folks!  What's been making your week hip-happy?! What are you excited for this weekend?!  Do tell!  If this damn fine list of happy isn't enough for you, cartwheel on over to Kate, Michelle, Jo, Cat, Kate, Helen Sam aaand new recruit Kerri's {hello, how do you do, welcome aboard!} blogs to sneak a peek at what's been making them giddy as a kipper this week so far.  Don't forget to share and join in on social media too, just make sure you're using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all see!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #129

{That!  A sky remiscent of the prettiest painting!}
Wow-ee do i need this dose of happy this week!  The last seven days in a row at work have zapped every bit of anything and everything from my little bones and i'm feeling very much like i need to sit and think about the precious little things in amongst the whirlwind of a week it's been so far.  If I'm honest, had it not been for somebody mentioning this little post to me at work today {just for the record that kind of thing still blows my mind!} then i really do worry i would have clean forgot since i hardly know my name i'm so tired, let alone what day of the week it is!  

I often feel like i can either completely nail a week or just have one of those that feels like I'm chasing my tail; completing two things from my to-do list and then adding on five and just generally feeling like no day is long enough.  There's never a happy medium or if there is, i haven't found it yet - anyone got the secret?!?  But whilst sometimes i fire out this post in half an hour with bags of energy and 200% optimism {that's the 'nail it' sort of a week!} somehow, somehow the weeks i have to dig deeper, to think harder and to remember better the good things - because there always are some - these are the weeks i treasure writing this post, and reading all my other #Wonderfulwedensday writers ones all the more.  
SO, without further ado, let's DO this....

1.  Tea.  Because when you've not slept very well {for worrying you're not getting everything done that you should at work!} and you're so busy you barely have a single second, sitting nursing a huge mug of your favourite tea, made to perfection, in your pyjamas is pretty much the nicest feeling ever.  Nothing has the same magical effect on me quite like it....

2.  Time spent with the Mr.  Whilst our last actual whole day off together was our trip to Ikea {and the less said about that the better!  Whoever said moving house would test our relationship clearly hadn't ever set foot in a busy Ikea...} i feel like anytime i spend with this one:  our short morning 'dance' around each other to get out of the house in time and in one piece {and not wearing each others clothes!} and even our slower evenings spent curled up on the sofa with too many cushions and the french doors open watching the evening slip into tomorrow; are my very favourite parts of my day.  Especially when life has been so very hectic-feeling!  

3.  Sunsets and skies of the most magical order!  Nothing makes me happier than a pretty sky - but then you probably know that by now!  It sounds silly, but since we've lived in a flat for so long, i've been so used to gazing at the sunsets from the window, or peeking out of our skylight across at them.  Now we have a little garden of our own, i've loved being able to stand and just look up, watch the clouds swirl and whirl and the sunshine creep through the cracks.  Is there anything prettier?!   

4.  Bargains.  Because who doesn't love one of those every once in a while?! This one comes to you courtesy of THE most beautiful embroidered, tassel-ey pom-pom-ey and embellished dreamboat of a bag bought from work for 70% off.  I'm going to try my hardest to hang on until Autumn {!!!} to use it BUT do expect it to come to an Instagram feed near you rather soon.....

5.  Peanut butter.  Whilst i was rejoicing to all of my work mates the other day about snatching a couple of jars of my favourite peanut butter in Tesco for a £1 a jar a couple of them remarked that they couldn't bear peanut butter or anything with nuts in!!!!!!!!!  Have you ever heard such nonsense?!?!  I actually think if you were to cut me open, I'd be mostly made of nuts!  I go through an embarrassing amount of the stuff!  Whilst i love almond, hazelnut and cashew butter and all of the lovely fancy pants nut butters around now, lately i've been simply loving crunchy peanut butter.  Spread generously on dark rye bread and stacked high with the most banana.

6.  My hair.  Lately it's just been being good.  Despite the humid weather, heavy downpours and me not putting in very much effort at all, we've been on the best terms that we have in a long while.  Do you know what I'm sure it's because i uttered the words 'i need a haircut' last weekend.....
7.  Cheeky little ferns!  The kind that have sneaked into the borders in our garden and that i almost pulled up the other evening but then actually decided that i rather liked.  There's just somethin' about a green fern isn't there?!  Tell me it's not just me?

8.  Finding out our local florist in the market sells eucalyptus leaf.  Might be the weirdest thing i've ever been happy about but i've been searching high and low for somewhere i can just buy a few sprigs to dot around and about for what feels like my whole life!  I think the kind lady in the florist thought i was a bit mad!

9.  Chairs!  All of the chairs!  Okay well two.  Two chairs!  You know you're getting old you've really made it when a)  You have a garden and a table and chairs to sit on to eat your dinner instead of the sofa and some precariously balanced cushions!  I can't wait to show you!  Since we couldn't find a salvaged/second-hand table for just the two of us anywhere we caved and bought a sweet little wooden, white-legged number from Ikea.  Then i stumbled across a lovely lady who up-cycles beautiful old furniture and she had two mis-matched chairs for sale so pretty that i sent the Mr to fetch them pronto snapped them up!  One is a soft grey with a floral seat and the other bright sunshine yellow with a pretty map-printed seat cover.  Who knew a dining table could look so pretty?!?!  

9b)  Eating dinner together properly.  Thus named '9b' since it should probably go with previous point.  The table has been intentionally carefully positioned away from view of the television.  Actually sitting, eating together and talking not just in itself - because of course we already do that - but more to the point: simply listening and giving each other our whole attention reminds me of when we first met.  Sentimental much?!

10.  The huge chunks of red grapefruit and navel orange I'd forgotten I'd even chopped up and squirrelled away in a tub in the fridge.  Life.  Saver.  Especially when the munchies strike on these humid evenings!
*  *  *
And just like that and quick as a flash we're done!  Just incase this isn't enough wonderful for your peepers, hop, skip and scotch on over to Michelle, Kate, Cat, Jo, Helen's and newbie Samantha's lovely #wonderfulwednesday posts {which is exactly what I'll be doing this afternoon since as I'm off!}.  Share what's been great with your week so far across Twitter and Instagram too - I'm @sallytangle on both and don't forget to use the #wonderfulwednesday so we can see!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #128

 {For all you know this could be my handy-work....clue: It's not but i wish it was!}
Hello hello and how do you doodle-do?  My word i've had one of those weeks where i just do not know where each and every day so far has gone!  I feel like i've blinked and all of a sudden I'm halfway through the week and I'm not quite sure how i got here!
I'm sat here writing to you, trying my hardest not to write the words I'm singing as i type {"Hello from the otherrrrr siiiiiide" incase you were wondering.  I flippin' love listening to Adele but even more than that i love singing her songs SO very much too.  Sometimes i even pretend I'm playing a piano and not typing at a keyboard but that's just between you and i, right?}.  I'm more than looking forward to having my #wonderfulwednesday as my day off this week too.  I'm keeping everything crossable, crossed that they'll be sunshine, a little bit of a later sleep and maybe even a chocolate brownie in the mix somewhere but we'll see.  Shall we get on and chit-chat about the best bits of my wizz-bang sort of a week so far..?
*  *  *
1.  Crisp, tart green apples.  'Cos for some silly reason i've been craving them so much lately.  I've been hiding them in a brown paper bag in the fridge and tucking into them ice-cold and delicious on these humid days we've been having and sometimes on the evenings too.  I imagine that I'll spread them with nut butter like i sometimes do with red apples but then before i know it i've already devoured half of my apple....
2.  Christine and the Queen's song 'Tilted' which i don't believe you if you tell me you haven't heard it and can more than bet my life {and all of my apples!} that you probably have!  It's the catchiest song that makes me want to dance wherever i am!  It's one of those songs that once you've heard it you'll be humming away to yourself for the rest of the day i can promise you....
3.  Carrot cake 'Nakd' bars.  OK so i don't even know that I'll like these yet except that I'm willing to bet all and everything that they'll be my new favourite thing by this time tomorrow.  I daren't even begin to imagine how much money i've spent on Nakd bars over the past three years or so.  Most likely well over the amount it would cost to buy the food processor i always complain i cant afford to make them from scratch myself!  My favourite flavours are the chocolate orange and cherry bakewell and since my favourite cake in the whole wide world is carrot, I'm expecting to be impressed with this limited edition flavour.  
4.  Curtains.  That's right I'm officially heralding the greatness of curtains and putting myself in the old lady club.  But trust me after three weeks with 'officey' soft grey vertical blinds and nowhere selling curtains i even vaguely liked or were affordable, to find some and to finally put them up {even if they are about 9ft long!} made me one happy bunny.  For the time being we've kept the blinds and snapped up the sheer floral white curtains from Ikea which actually look SO pretty!  Our room gets the sunrise very first thing, before the light moves around to the garden and back of the house in the evening; and having such a pretty reflection when we wake up is making us me so very happy!  
5.  The cheekiest starlings.  Since we moved in we've had the sweetest pair of starlings {I'm convincing myself it's the same pair because i like the idea of that much more!} visit us most evenings just before dusk.  They scamper around and about on the lawn collecting worms and singing to each other, it's the sweetest to watch.  Whilst I'm here, has anyone got any tips to attracting more lovely birds into the garden?  That might be the most old lady-shaped question i think i've asked in my life.... I've bought a little seed ball for the fence but nobody seems to give two hoots tweets about it.....
6.  Beetroot.  Jeepers i feel like this week's all about all of the food!  Lately i've been putting beetroot in and with every thing i can!  I've been loving roasting it and dicing it through quinoa with chopped apple and pecan nuts.  If I'm at home i make a honey dressing to drizzle over the top too and it really is the bees knees! Failing that, beetroot and feta cheese might be one of the very best combinations that there ever was!
7.  Turtle doves.  We've got a pair that seem to live on our roof for what certainly sounds like always.  Waking up to them coo-cooing to each other is the nicest sound!
8.  My walk home.  It really is the prettiest:  right along the river and then by the prettiest houses that there ever was {if you follow me on Instagram you have probably spotted a fair few of them already...I'm @sallytangle!} and it's fast becoming one of my favourite parts of the day.  
9.  Cool showers.  I never thought I'd type those words.  I'm usually *that* girl who has the shower on as hot as it will go come rain or shine but lately, well lately there's been nothing for all of this crazy hot, sticky and hair-expanding weather than cooler showers right before bed.  Then slipping into the coolest cottons and sleeping with the windows as wide as they'll go and with a sweet breeze tickling your toes....
*  *  *
It's over and out from me!  If you fancy some more 'wonderful' then quick-march over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Cat or Kate's blogs and read their very own #wonderfulwednesday.  Better still join in yourself by writing a post, dropping a sweet comment below to tell us what's been making you happy so far this week or follow along on Instagram and Twitter using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all see!

Have a wonderful rest of week lovely ones!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #127

 {The sweetest little wall from the weekend.  I wonder how many people have climbed those little steps?!}
As i type to you i've just had the hottest, sweatiest uphill-from-town-shaped ride with those two wheels of mine and I'm sat staring at the big mug of Lady Grey i've made and wondering what planet I'm actually on.  The sun maybe..?  It sure feels like it out there today and our spare-room-come-roo--of doom gets the sun in the afternoon which i definitely did not fully consider when i claimed that this would be the best room for our office space.  FYI it's the most un-office-y space at the moment since i am STILL wardrobe-less because we can't both make an educated decision on exactly what kind of wardrobe we want.  Despite the fact that it shall probably most likely be housing MY clothes.  Surely the decision is mine?  But then tell that to the boy that's had to endure me buying even more cushions {despite us having less sofa than before} and more plants for the patio that are actually frazzled to death for sure now if they weren't already.  
Aaaand.  Breeathe.  Because I'm sort of tangent-ing and actually life is good {if you don't look to the left and deny all knowledge to the heap of boxes out of the corner of your eye...}.  We've settled into a rough routine up here now {you know me and my routines!} and i've got a few days off this week so i've settled into a lovely little morning pattern and there's all sorts of jolly great things to talk to you about this week so lets get on it!
1.  Iced coffee.  I never thought i was that person who orders iced coffee.  I usually just stick to my usual cappuccino for day off-shaped after bike ride wandering.  Sometimes i might sneak a shot of hazelnut syrup in there or gingerbread if the season calls for it.  I once tried an iced soya latte and wasn't struck.  It was too......heavy, weak and milky.  I know!  Maybe it was all of the milk that's meant to be there etc, why am i surprised?!  But after yesterdays million degree ride to town i really fancied one!  I explained the predicament to the lovely barista and she made me an iced soya cappucino and i am HOOKED.  I drank it in about two minutes and actually considered going straight back for another but then i remembered CAFFEINE and the fact that i had a doctors appointment an hour or so later and didn't want to be all jittery and over-excitable for that kind of a thing....
2.  Washin' on the line!  Who knew one could get such bloody lovely pleasure from churning out loads and loads of washing and getting.  It.  All.  Dried.  Oh in about half an hour?!?  It makes a refreshing change from having to hang it over doors, in showers and quite honestly and probably on any guest that stood still long enough in our little flat.  And the smell?!?  I swear to the gods i had the best night sleep of my LIFE after changing the bed on Sunday evening.  Who am i?!  My mother apparently.....
3. Pleases, thank-yous and general manners.  It's weird but actually really rather...nice?  We've barely moved five miles away from where we were before, just north of the river and people actually talk to you?!  Our neighbours for one.  They say good morning first thing and ask how your day's been if they see you later.  On my ride into town the other day a kind gentleman stepped to the side of the cycle path to let me past and then we had a lovely chat about the weather and about the plants and the birds.  I feel a bit like I've stepped back in time and it's really rather lovely!
4.  Progress.  The big discovery of my week off so far is that it's not me, it's my bike.  That little cuteypie does NOT like hills.  Turns out her gears aren't made for building up speed and rocketting as fast as your legs can take you up steep hills.  You've have to be gentle and resign yourself to the fact that you have to go steady.  And slower than you'd like.  and that you wont win.  Not that it's about winning ever.  Because if you don't your gears slip and you end up tipping this way and that and almost landing in a hydrangea bush.  To be honest there are worse ways to go.... What has been good is finding that uphill ride home that bit easier the more and more i do it and enjoying what's going on around me all that bit more too all because of it.  I've *just* got to practise the art of keeping my eyes on the road and not on the pretty doors, gardens etc etc on my way.....
5.  A cheery little sprig of hydrangea.  Because mine has given up {is it true they can come back again next year...?} and i spotted the sneakiest little bush peeking out of a hedgerow {cheers birds!} and it's the perfect thing plonked prettily in a jam jar and perched upon our less than cheery window sill in the bedroom.  It's only less than cheery due to the fact we still don't have curtains and have to make do with horrid white blinds until we find some curtains we can both agree on...are you sensing a re-occurring theme i wonder?
6. Crumpets.  One with tangy orange marmalade, the other with crunchy peanut butter.  It's the perfect day-off shaped brekkie alongside my usual Lady Grey.
7.  Lazy lunches!  The kind where you get home and realise that you've completely missed lunchtime and actually it's almost 4pm but as soon as you realise you feel as if you could eat your own head you're so flippin' hungry!  I stood at the chopping board and eat warm toasted pitta, carrot sticks and the yummiest hummus that there ever was and all of a sudden all was right with the world {and my 'tum!} once more.
8.  Water.  I drink gallons of the stuff anyway but lately i feel ever so grateful for delicious, ice-cold glasses and glasses and glasses of the stuff.  How can people not like drinking water?!?
*  *  *  
Time to join in!  What's been floating your boat so far this week?  I'd love to know.  Make sure you also hop, skip or jump on over to Jo, Cat, Michelle, Kate and Helen's blogs to catch up on their #wonderfulwednesday posts.  Let me know if you'd like to write your own and i can tag you too!  And delight in having even more happy to read!
Have a super duper rest of week!


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