Currently 13

Have you noticed how much happier, upbeat and generally LOVELY everyone is when the sun shines?! It's hard to be in a bad mood when there is a cloudless bright blue sky above your head.  The kind that you almost have to squint to even look up.  Lately i can't get enough of it.  
*  *  *
We have been lucky up in Cumbria, to be spoilt with several days of solid sunshine.  It's often hard to believe quite how much of a different this makes to EVERYTHING.  Every single thing in the world looks better with sunshine behind it, around it or shining brightly down upon on it. There is no getting away with how much friendlier everyone is, how much friendlier I want to be and how much better you feel inside and out.  Sunshine makes you want to eat better, it makes you want to get out and fill your lungs with as much of that bright blue skied air that you can manage. If you are British there is always that feeling of not quite knowing how long such beautiful weather shall last.  For that reason i feel as if I live life much more when Mr sunshine is peeping down at me.  Each second of it is PRECIOUS and not a moment of it can be wasted.  
*  *  *
These images MELT my heart. I love that amber glow, that special golden hour when the very last drops of sunlight start to slide down behind the hills.  Sometimes i think i love it more than any other time of day.  It is my very favourite time to take photographs too.  Everything feels so still, MAGICAL and beautiful and just sitting there watching the sunlight drift away is quite special.  

Have you been lucky enough to have some beautiful SUNSHINE too? How does it make you feel?!
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Golden Wheels

You can't plan great MOMENTS.  Not the really really great kind anyway.  You know the sorts:  Those extra special split seconds in time that blow you you away and knock you sideways in a way you never ever saw coming.  Those are the real deal.  

For someone like me who is all wrapped up in plans, to-do lists in pockets, palms and satchels a-plenty and a daily routine I could (and feel as if i quite often do) do in my sleep, these moments feel extraSPECIAL and i always feel as if my little soul needs them much more than someone who dangles on the edge of life, not knowing if they are coming or going regularly.  So when i hopped on those two wheels of mine on a spur of the moment on Monday evening, i had no idea what a beautiful evening lay ahead.  

I can only describe those PRECIOUS few laps of the park that evening as truly magical.  The sun was on its descent behind the hills and the birds could still be heard from high, high up in the tallest of trees.  Rabbits rustled in the under-growth and the air was thick with the scent of damp grass, muddled foliage and a heady scent of wild garlic.  It has been so long since i took my two wheels out at such a time, usually saving up my laps for early mornings - the only time i seem to be able to catch the daylight in the later part of the year.  But now the evenings are longer, my evenings feel longer, more luxurious and full of PROMISE.  I felt as if i could have rode forever.  Each lap brought different light, different sounds and entirely different collection of pink and amber cotton candy clouds above my head.  The wind tugged at my hair gently, causing my little floral crown to wobble on top of my windswept hair.  But it didn't matter.  I was in HEAVEN.  And i can't wait for more of these sorts of evenings.  Isn't that what it's all about, Spring and Summer? I doubt it could get much more PERFECT.

And that's what life's about.  Its these kind of moments that make you glad and happy. The one's that come out of nowhere, tickling your cheeks in the very best kind of way. 

Welcome SPRING.  It's ever so nice to have you back.  

Wonderful Wednesday 12

Good day dear and lovely POPPETS! I'm back once again with a post filled to the very top with happy-makers! I hope this shall inspire you to do the same, or at least to look at what's going on around you and see all that is great and good too.  This week has been SO lovely so far. I feel all caught up in dreamland (no more crazy dreams, dis-jointed zzz-ing or tossing and turning nights for me!) and it almost feels like Spring has finally landed here in Cumbria.  For weeks now we have had odd days of sunshine.  These days have been best enjoyed from inside as the wind has been icy! This week has seen the start of cloudless blue skies, bright sunshine and a feeling that everything and everyone is so much happier for it.  Isn't it a miracle what a bit of vitamin D can do? There are plenty other gems that have been keeping me tip-top lately too…

*  Sleeping with the bedroom window OPEN just a little.  This HAS to be one of my favourite things about the warmer weather.  I love to hear the city falling asleep as i do:  car engines in the distance, a little whistle of a late night breeze and the hum as the city winds down.  Waking up to chirruping birds is also lovely.  Then that blue sky is just a bonus…

*  Finally getting the chance to WEAR my patterned paisley bluebell blue trousers for work.  I bought them in a flurry of excitement way way back in February.  They were so obviously warm weather attire and have been hanging up in our spare room for far too long!  This week they got their first outing to work with a little printed neon beach smock and a printed quilted jacket.  This warmer weather has had my little head go into outfit planning mode.  There are SO many more opportunities when you don't have to wear a woollen hat and a winter coat.  I am jolly pleased to shake off a layer or two - finally!  

*  Having the MOST productive evening of my life on Monday.  You know when you suddenly just get a burst of energy from nowhere?  Since the Mr was band practising for some summer festival dates, i took the opportunity to take the pushbike out for a little trip.  Then i managed to hoover, dust, change the bed, do washing and have a little shower all in about two and a half hours!!  It is rather sad how pleased that made me.  I tell you i had the BEST sleep of my life that night! All that fresh air and then the softest freshly washed cotton sheets. Bliss!

* My FIRST ^after-dinner bike ride^ completed without a coat!  That and the most spectacularly burnt orange sunset on the way home was a little bit like heaven.  I had forgotten how magical little cycles at that hour can be.  All i could smell was damp grass, little wafts of wild garlic and dew-soaked flowers.  It was pretty MAGNIFICENT.  

* Homemade lentil and vegetable chilli with brown rice and creme fraiche.  The PERFECT comfort food when you are starving after a very busy day at work.  I could have eaten that stuff solidly for hours.  It was that good!  It is one of the Mr's specialities and i was quite happy to leave him to it.  I can't wait until we have it again.  

*  Porridge with strawberry jam.  PERFECT Monday morning breakfast.  I mostly have poached rhubarb or apple with my porridge in the morning.  But Monday mornings always call for something a little sweeter and  more comforting.  There is nothing better to nibble whilst easing yourself into the week.  

*  NEW followers and SWEET readers of this little space.  I have had a lot of new readers to this little spot and that makes me SO happy i cannot even tell you.  If you are new, welcome! It is lovely to have you and i hope you enjoy!  And an equally warm and whopping lovely big thank you to those of you who come back again and again, i love you all dearly and one day, we shall have that big tea party i promise!

NOW it's over to you!  What has been making you smile and get through this week so far? It can be anything in the whole world but i would LOVE to know! I am nosey like that you see!